Radar RF Circuit Design, Second Edition

Nickolas Kingsley and
Joseph R. Guerci

This new edition of a previous bestseller gives you practical techniques for optimizing RF and microwave circuits for applications in radar systems design, with an emphasis on current and emerging technologies. Completely updated with new material, the book shows you how to design RF components for radar systems and how to choose appropriate materials and packaging methods. It takes you from classic techniques, to the state-of-the-art and finally to emerging technologies. You will learn how to design high frequency circuits for use in radar applications; discover techniques to properly simulate, build, assemble and test high frequency circuits; understand how to debug issues with hardware on the bench; learn how to connect microwave theory to practical circuit design; and much more. This is a must-have resource for system-level radar designers who want to up their game in RF/microwave component design. It is also a great tool for RF/microwave engineers tasked or interested in designing components for radar systems. Students and new designers of radar components will be well prepared to start designing immediately.


PART I. Microwave Background: Crossing the Chasm from System to Component Level. Introduction to Microwave Design. Component Modeling. PART II. Component Design: Power Amplifier. Low Noise Amplifiers. Passive Circuitry. PART III. Higher-level Integration: Microwave Integrated Circuits. Transmit/Receive Module Integration. PART IV. Demonstration Hardware: Assembly and Prototyping. On the Measurement Bench. PART V. Advanced Topics: Exploring Terahertz Radar. Final Thoughts. Appendix. Index.

About the Authors

Nickolas Kingsley has spent more than 20 years designing microwave and mmWave front-end hardware for military and commercial applications. He is an avid designer and inventor and has given invited talks internationally on topics ranging from device physics to next-generation system architectures. Most of his career was spent with Auriga Microwave, BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin. He currently leads the Enabling Technology group at Teradyne, Inc in North Reading, Mass.

ISBN 13: 978-1-63081-898-2
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