Mercury Systems, Inc. announced it was awarded a $17 million contract to provide crucial RF microelectronics supporting missile capabilities of the U.S. and its allies in ensuring 21st century air dominance. These multi-channel digital RF assemblies will help provide real-time signals intelligence data, speeding information to the warfighter. The award was received in the company’s fiscal 2022 first quarter and is expected to be shipped over the next several quarters.

“We have developed and continue to develop technology and products that are critical to our Nation’s and that of our Allies’ air defenses, and this award is the next step in our journey toward being the preferred partner in this important mission area,” said Roger Wells, EVP and president, Mercury Microelectronics. “As one of only three domestic U.S. suppliers of key defense-grade microelectronics, our customers and the military depend on us to develop advanced high performance RF and digital signal processing technologies critical to help them maintain electromagnetic spectrum dominance over our adversaries.”

Mercury leverages more than 40 years of microelectronic manufacturing investments to support their customers from prototype to full-rate production, including automated manufacture and test, in-line quality assurance and on-site engineering support. Its custom, miniaturized RF modules are produced in AS9100 and IPC-1791-certified facilities using Defense Microelectronics Activity-accredited design and manufacturing capabilities to enable rapid, cost-effective deployment of innovative microelectronics and secure processing solutions.