NXP® Semiconductors has announced that its WLAN8101H and WLAN8201C front-end modules (FEMs) enable Wi-Fi 6 connectivity in the Samsung Flip 3. The FEMs deliver an excellent combination of output power, linearity and efficiency to enable a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection with minimum impact on battery life. 

The latest generation of Wi-Fi (802.11ax or Wi-Fi 6) delivers many performance enhancements, including a virtually unlimited number of devices, reduced latency and increased network capacity and efficiency. NXP’s Wi-Fi 6 FEMs deliver the RF performance needed to help reach the full potential of this new standard. This enables the Samsung Flip 3 to deliver fast and reliable Wi-Fi performance to consumers. 

NXP’s WLAN8101H and WLAN8201C devices are part of the QUBiC SiGe WLAN portfolio, which offers an optimized combination of output power, linearity and efficiency. This enables an extended transmission range and improved receive sensitivity even at the most demanding Wi-Fi 6 modulation formats, making for a better overall user experience in terms of speed and coverage. The WLAN8101H also helps boost Bluetooth performance. 

“Connectivity makes a huge difference in the consumer experience,” said the R&D group at Samsung. “NXP’s FEM devices offered the right balance between performance and power consumption to allow consumers to enjoy fast connectivity without negatively impacting battery life.”

“As the number of connected devices increases, so does the need for Wi-Fi 6, which addresses the ever-increasing need for more data across more devices,” said Doeco Terpstra, vice president and general manager Smart Antenna Solutions, NXP. “Our FEMs support fast and reliable connectivity to allow consumers to capitalize on the benefits of Wi-Fi 6.”