Modelithics welcomes AMOTECH Co. Ltd; the innovation leader for signal and power integrity devices for the RF, microwave and fiber optic markets; into the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program at the Sponsoring level. 

As a Sponsoring MVP, AMOTECH is supporting RF and microwave designers by sponsoring free extended 90-day trial use of all Modelithics models available for AMOTECH components, as well as collaborating with Modelithics to develop new design data and models for selected AMOTECH high Q and broadband multi-layer ceramic capacitors. 

The Modelithics models for the 0201, 0402 and 0603 capacitors are now available. The models for the AMOTECH 01005, 0805, and 1111 high Q and broadband multi-layer Screenshot-2021-11-19-120431.pngceramic capacitors will be released soon. Each model covers the full range of available capacitance values, thus enabling design processes requiring tuning or optimization. The models also scale appropriately with respect to the underlying substrate properties and solder pad dimensions. Applications for the Amotech multi-layer capacitors include base-station equipment, small cells, and power amplifiers for wireless communications as well as high speed digital signal transmission found in state-of-the-art test instruments and fiber optic transceivers.

Modelithics Amotech MVP Library


The Modelithics Amotech MVP Library is a collection of highly accurate measurement-based models that can be simulated in popular electronic design automation (EDA) software tools. These models offer broadband parasitic prediction from DC up 50 GHz and offer scalable design parameters such as inductance value, pad dimensions, and substrate conditions. These state-of-the-art models install seamlessly into the EDA software, placing high accuracy models at your fingertips, which allow for first pass design success.


The Modelithics Amotech MVP Library offers a collection of Microwave Global Models™ that provide many advantages over ideal and S-parameter file-based models. Valuable features of the models include:

• MEASUREMENT-BASED — Each global model is developed using highly accurate measurements across multiple conditions including different substrates and pad dimensions. By developing models using measurements, designers can have confidence that their simulations will represent real-world conditions.

• SCALABLE — The models can be scaled for part value (when applicable), pad dimensions, and substrate properties, allowing designers to simulate based on their specific conditions.

• OPTIMIZATION AND STATISTICAL ANALYSIS — Model parameters can be tuned and optimized in the EDA software to provide best case parameter selection rapid achievement of design goals. Model parameters can also be set up for statistical analysis.

• AVAILABLE FOR POPULAR EDA TOOLS — Keysight Technologies' PathWave Advanced Design System (ADS), Cadence® AWR Design Environment®, Keysight Technologies’ PathWave RF Synthesis (Genesys), Ansys® HFSS™, Sonnet® Suites™ and Cadence Spectre RF® Option.

• COMPLETE DOCUMENTATION — Each model contains a comprehensive model datasheet that lists recommended model validity parameters, measurement and test fixture details, and model-to-measurement data comparisons.