The Langer EMV-Technik product range has received an innovative addition to the preamplifier product line.

The PA 3010 set is used to amplify weak measurement signals and to protect the measuring receiver. Ideally, it is used in combination with Langer near-field probes.

It features low noise performance and a constant high dynamic range over a wide frequency range from 10 MHz to 10 GHz.

The PA 3010 is connected to the 50 Ω input of a spectrum analyzer or oscilloscope. The PA 3010 is powered by the supplied plug-in power supply. The PA 3010 can be used, for example, to amplify the measurement signals of the Langer near-field probes. For this purpose, a near-field probe with a suitable frequency range and cable is connected to the input of the preamplifier. 

The application of the preamplifier is mainly in measurement and R&D laboratories.

Important application possibilities cover the areas of communication and directional radio systems, fixed network and mobile radio as well as broadband amplification units.

For precompliant EMC measurements, we also offer the following:
Generators (EFT/ESD), IC measurement technology, near-field micro probes, near-field probes, optical systems, positioning systems/ scanners, security measurement technology, test & demoboards, preamplifiers, additional board and IC measurement technology.