5G mmWave frequencies have required a new way of testing using over-the-air (OTA) measurements. The first article is an in-depth look at the fundamentals of 5G OTA testing, overview of key antenna measurement parameters, test methods and test setup, along with 3GPP OTA testing for UEs along with the relevant transmitter and receiver test considerations. The remaining articles discuss recent advances in 5G OTA testing ranging from test methods to new chambers and calibration methods. The first article in this group addresses significant test time reduction and equipment utilization in 5G RF production testing through strongly parallelized testing of the 3GPP specifications, improving speed by a factor of 10. The next article reviews the design of a novel multiple compact antenna test range system for multiple angles of arrival measurement of 5G mmWave devices. The virtual cable calibration method is described and demonstrated in the next article that provides a systematic approach with fast convergence to determine the precoding calibration matrix parameters. The last article discusses the future with bringing full-wave numerical modeling and antenna measurements together and presents a way to converge both worlds in an optimal cost-benefit technique moving toward augmented OTA.

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