Tagore Technology Inc. announced the introduction of a family of second generation RF switches featuring 10 to 100 W of average power. The new switches offer best-in-class insertion loss, power handling and harmonic performance. The TS8x family of products is best  suited for post power amplifier harmonics filter switching for tactical and military communications (milcomm), land mobile radios and private mobile radios.

Lower insertion loss performance significantly reduces power consumption and enhances the battery life of handheld communication devices. Lower power dissipation also helps ease thermal management requirements to reduce the size, weight and power of the overall system.

Klaus Buehring, Tagore Technology's chief sales and marketing officer, said, "Tagore's TS8x family of switches enables customers to replace all traditional PIN diode-based switches that require many passive components and high voltage bias supply to save significant board space and overall cost, and simplify RF front end design."

The new family of products is pin and footprint compatible to existing products, allowing existing customers to enhance radio performance by switching to the latest generation of products.