With the need to increase the output power from solid-state power amplifiers (PAs), combiner network efficiency is a critical parameter. Traditional PA power dividers and combiners use either a coaxial approach or waveguide spatially matched structures, with the design approach depending on the operating frequency and power requirements. For higher power and higher frequency, waveguide structures are often employed; occasionally, tuned cavity combiners are used. At low frequencies, designers are primarily limited to a microstrip or balanced stripline architecture. As the power levels increase, waveguide combiners are necessary to adequately dissipate the heat; however, this results in a larger component footprint.

M Wave Design Corporation has more than 35 years of passive design experience developing efficient combining networks for S-, C- and X-Band. As one example of M Wave Design’s capabilities, the 284CA1213 is a 2:1 S-Band combiner using proprietary, highpower QD connectors with a WR284 half-height waveguide output. The combiner is part of an integrated 16:1 network developed for an industry leading solid-state PA supplier.

M Wave Design uses some of the most innovative channel summing techniques in its power combiner designs. In addition to power divider/combiners, its expertise includes low- and high-power circulators. Operating in a new 6,600 square foot manufacturing facility in Simi Valley, California, M Wave is vertically integrated with a CAD to manufacturing workflow to reduce lead times. Internal environmental test capabilities can perform vacuum and leak testing, temperature testing including thermal shock and cycling and cryogenic testing to 70K. M Wave is ISO-9001:2008 certified and ITAR registered.

M Wave Design Corporation
Simi Valley, Calif.