For 5G over-the-air (OTA) testing, EMITE has released a fully automated feed antenna carousel using a 1.8 m quiet zone compact antenna test range (CATR) in the EMITE F200 anechoic chamber. The system meets 3GPP’s gNodeB standard for OTA testing, measuring all the key performance indicators defined in chapters 6 and 7 of 3GPP TS.38.521-1/2/3. EMITE’s system is being used by two companies that are leading manufacturers of gNodeBs.

EMITE’s novel carousel provides fully automated measurements from 1 to 220 GHz in both vertical and horizontal polarizations, saving days of manual changes normally required to make a complete set of measurements. gNodeB OTA testing is accomplished with just the push of a button, operating overnight without supervision.

The system uses an automated vector signal generator, vector signal analyzer and test algorithms, with the measurements controlled by the system’s software and graphical interface. The carousel rotates several antennas to the CATR focal point and uses an embedded mmWave down conversion hardware module developed by EMITE that integrates mmWave oscillators, switches, amplifiers, multipliers, mixers and combiners to create several RF paths with various signal levels to measure OTA to 220 GHz. The separate RF paths protect the test instruments from excessive input power and maintain the link budget for spurious emissions testing (worst case).

The antenna carousel can be combined with a “barbeque” positioner for the base station being tested, which enables automated loading and unloading of heavy equipment at the chamber entrance.

EMITE Ingeniería SL
Fuente Álamo de Murcia, Spain