Rogers Corporation (NYSE:ROG) announced today the launch of PORON® AquaPro™ 37TS9, the latest material addition to the PORON® AquaPro™ polyurethane product portfolio.

Designed to meet the need for high-performing materials that facilitate the design of thinner and lighter electronic devices, PORON AquaPro 37TS9 delivers the reliable water sealing capabilities of the AquaPro 37 material family in an ultra-thin, self-adhesive form.

PORON AquaPro 37TS9 is also resistant to both stress relaxation and compression set, making it an ideal material for impact protection of smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart wearable devices.

“The addition of PORON AquaPro 37TS9 to the AquaPro product line is of great benefit to manufacturers of smart devices,” states Stephanie Zhang, Market Segment Manager for Rogers Corporation’s Elastomeric Material Solutions business. “With water sealing properties superior to other grades of PORON material, AquaPro 37TS9 has the ability to safeguard and protect sensitive electronic components from both water ingress and impact.”