SV Microwave is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Jeff Brooks. Jeff was 55, a dedicated SV Microwave employee for over 30 years and a dear friend to many. A cornerstone is one of the first and most important stones in any structure and Jeff was that in every sense to SV. Jeff worked almost his entire career with the company in Sales and a lot of their business today has his involvement. Customers and many in our industry often first thought Jeff when they thought SV. He was very generous with his time and never too busy or important to help a customer or coworker.  

Humble, honest and hard-working he always went above and beyond. A team player who was only interested in getting the job done and not seeking any recognition. He worked quickly and quietly and never made a fuss. Jeff treated everyone with respect and did not favor status, title or position. He was a genuine and loyal friend to many across all departments and generations at SV. We will really miss his gentle spirit and genuine smile.  

Jeff is survived by his parents, siblings, wife Judy who also worked at SV many years ago, three children and three grandchildren.