Workshops & Courses

RF Power Amps, Classes A-S
Topics : Provides a detailed explanation of the various classes of RF power amplifiers, and where each class is used in today's wireless designs. Amplifier classes A through S are defined and clearly explained, including the advantages, disadvantages, applications and circuit topologies for each class.
Site : Cocoa Beach, FL
Dates : February 27-28, 2003
Contact : R.A. Wood Associates, 1001 Broad Street, Suite 450, Utica, NY 13501 (315) 735-4217.

Introduction to RF/Wireless MEMS Technology and Commercialization
Topics : Discussion of the upcoming revolution in MEMS-based wireless communications and appliances. Topics include fundamental MEMS devices, microwave MEMS applications, and MEMS-based microwave circuits and systems.
Site : Irvine, CA
Date : February 28, 2003
Contact : NanoMEMS Research LLC, e-mail: info@nanomems-

RF Wireless System Design Fundamentals
Topics : Combines theory with real-life examples to provide a complete foundation in digital communication techniques and their effects on RF circuit parameters.
Site : Phoenix, AZ
Dates : March 10-12, 2003
Contact : Besser Associates, 201 San Antonio Circle, Building E, Suite 280, Mountain View, CA 94040 (650) 949-3300.

Wireless Engineering
Topics : Provides engineers with the knowledge to design competitive devices for the wireless field. The course begins with fundamentals that are essential for the linear circuit design of matching circuits, filters and amplifiers.
Site : Arlington, VA
Dates : March 10-14, 2003
Contact : R.A. Wood Associates, 1001 Broad Street, Suite 450, Utica, NY 13501 (315) 735-4217, or e-mail

Phased Array Antennas for Communications and Radar
Topics : The presentation of the necessary theory, basic principles of operation components and important design parameters of phased array antennas.
Site : Davos, Switzerland
Dates : March 17-21, 2003
Contact : CEI-Europe AB, PO Box 910, S-612 25 Finspong, Sweden +46-122-175 70, fax +46-122-143 47.

Applied RF Techniques in Wireless Systems
Topics : Introduction to RF, single-ended and balanced S-parameters, impedance matching, graphical and analytical design methods, discrete and monolithic RF component models, Smith chart techniques, transmission lines and RF CAE, PCB materials.
Site : Nice, France
Dates : April 7-11, 2003
Contact : CEI-Europe AB, PO Box 910, S-612 25 Finspong, Sweden +46-122-175 70, fax +46-122-143 47.

Antenna Engineering
Topics : Theory and practice of antenna engineering covering the range of antenna properties and types from basic to state-of-the-art. The antennas presented in the course cover a wide spectrum of frequencies.
Site : Atlanta, GA
Dates : April 28-May 2, 2003
Contact : Georgia Institute of Technology, Continuing Education, PO Box 93686, Atlanta, GA 30377 (404) 385-3501, fax (404) 894-8925.

Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility Design Practices
Topics : Fundamentals of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC/EMI), and focus on the methodology of how to minimize EMC problems starting with the design process through final testing and approval. Attendees will be offered a hands-on personal consultation. For more information, visit
Site : Northbrook, IL
Dates : May 5-6, 2003
Contact : DLS Electronic Systems Inc. (847) 537-6400.