Linear Regulators


Ultra-low noise, ultra-high PSRR low dropout (LDO) linear regulators are key to power precision sensors, high speed data converters, frequency synthesizers and other noise-sensitive RF and microwave devices. Power by linear offers an outstanding family of robust positive and negative LDOs that produce ultra-low output noise and ultra-high power supply ripple rejection that cover a wide input voltage range, from 1.8 to 20 V, –20 to 1.8 V and a wide output current range, from 200 to 500 mA.

Analog Devices

Integrated Receiver Module


SSR-3331834012-28-S1 is an integrated receiver module. The receiver has a typical conversion gain of 12 dB with a typical noise figure of 4 dB in the frequency range of 24 to 42 GHz. The required LO power is 0 dBm between frequencies of 12 and 21 GHz. The RF receive port is WR-28 Uni-Guide waveguide with UG-599/U flange while the LO port is female 2.92 mm (K) connectors. Other port configurations are also available under different model numbers such as SSR-3331834012-KF-S1.


Suspended Substrate Stripline


Mini-Circuits’ model ZHSS-K21G+ is a suspended substrate stripline highpass filter with wide passband of 21 to 40 GHz. The typical insertion loss is only 1.0 dB across the passband, with typical passband VSWR of 2.0:1. The typical stopband rejection is 80 dB from DC to 13 GHz and 40 dB from 13 to 16 GHz. Ideal for rejecting unwanted lower frequency signals from mmWave communications systems and test and measurement applications, the 50 Ω highpass filter handles input power levels as high as 2 W at room temperature (+25°C).




PPI now offers traditional NP0, high-quality 0505 (0.055” × 0.055”) capacitors for wireless broadcasting equipment, mobile base stations, GPS, MRI and radar applications; are available in magnetic or non-magnetic 100 percent RoHS tin or tin/lead terminations (90 percent Sn 10 percent Pb solder, SnPb 90/10) terminations; and are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements for MIL-PRF-55681 and MIL-PRF-123. Engineering design kits for the 0505C/P case size are available in magnetic and non-magnetic terminations. PPI provides technical information and support allowing engineers to determine the correct PPI capacitor for their requirements.

Passive Plus Inc.

Electromechanical Relay Switches


Pasternack has released a new line of micro-sized, surface mount, single-pole, double-throw electromechanical relay switches that offer broadband performance and are ideal for a variety of applications that may involve high-power, switch matrices and test and measurement systems. Pasternack’s six new SPDT electromechanical relay switches feature popular latching actuators in micro-size surface mount packages and offer impressive performance with very low insertion loss, high isolation and excellent repeatability. These rugged circuits are designed for high reliability with 5M typical lifecycle ratings.