Cree | Wolfspeed introduced four, multi-stage GaN on SiC MMIC devices, extending its range of RF solutions for X-Band, pulsed and CW phased array applications, including marine, weather surveillance and emerging unmanned aerial system radars. Using Wolfspeed® GaN on SiC technology, the MMICs deliver high power-added efficiency in small, industry standard packages, enabling designers to achieve maximum performance in smaller systems consuming less power.

The X-Band portfolio offers MMICs with multiple stages of gain, reducing the number of devices needed in a transmit chain. They come in a variety of power levels to optimize system performance and are offered in multiple platforms to optimize system architecture.

“Cree l Wolfspeed’s new X-Band offerings provide today’s design engineers with a wide breadth of options for systems requiring high efficiency transmit solutions in challenging form factors, such as those needed for active phased array radar applications,” said Jim Milligan, senior director of foundry, aerospace and defense at Cree l Wolfspeed. “Using Wolfspeed GaN on SiC solutions enables them to meet the critical RF system requirements related to smaller size, lighter weight and higher power while reaching new levels of performance.”

The new amplifiers join an ever-expanding portfolio of solutions for defense applications. Their capabilities build on Cree l Wolfspeed’s decades of GaN on SiC expertise supporting the aerospace and defense market, while showing a commitment to develop innovative, industry-leading GaN products for a broad range of RF applications.