The integrated Rohde & Schwarz-SynMatrix workflow offers a complete test and tuning solution for 5G microwave and mmWave filters, a way to quickly and accurately test and tune filter designs. The workflow is also useful in manufacturing, either for 100 percent testing or auditing.

The SynMatrix application syncs with the Rohde & Schwarz vector network analyzers (VNA) - currently compatible with the R&S®ZNB, ZND and ZNL series. The R&S ZNB vector network analyzer provides 9 kHz to 40 GHz frequency range, up to 140 dB dynamic range and short sweep times of 4 ms for 401 points. SynMatrix can access VNA configuration and setup controls from a “friendly” SynMatrix graphical interface, including VNA marker, trace diagram and measurement formatting. Setup is a simple “plug and play” step.

Several features of the workflow enable fast filter measurement and tuning. Pass/fail status and tuning margin are displayed real-time, and an advanced noise smoothing function eliminates test uncertainties and enhances tuning accuracy. Reports can be exported, including tuning performance and instructions, then imported into the user’s engineering or manufacturing test data base (coming soon). SynMatrix offers a real-time tuning mode that displays tuning instructions and errors, in various formats, and a manual mode with a step-by-step debug and diagnosis process, to identify problems quickly.

SynMatrix is a comprehensive RF filter design and test tuning platform. The design studio features an AI-optimizer with automatic HFSS integration, and the test tuning experience offers real-time tuning with VNA integration. A series of videos explaining the Rohde & Schwarz-SynMatrix workflow are available on the SynMatrix YouTube channel.

SynMatrix Technologies Inc.
Toronto, Canada