OmniPreSense Corporation, an innovative supplier of short-range radar sensors, announced an extension of its OPS243 radar sensors with Wi-Fi data communication to the cloud. The new OPS243-C utilizes Wi-Fi to send data to the cloud and is viewable on an Android app. The Android app enables a simple means of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and configuring the sensor. Wi-Fi connectivity provides more flexible mounting of the OPS243 radar sensor for remote monitoring of vehicle and people traffic. 

The radar sensor is a complete IoT system on a single board, detecting objects in its field of view and seamlessly passing the data to the cloud. Users utilize an Android app to connect the sensor to the desired Wi-Fi network, configure the sensor and visualize the data. 

The OPS243-C sensor can detect people up to 15 m away and vehicles up to 60 m away. It reports both the speed and range of objects detected in its 20 x 24 degrees field of view. The same simple API found on other OmniPreSense radar sensors is utilized. A simple means of counting vehicles and people are integrated into the API. 

“With Wi-Fi support we have made it even easier to mount remote radar sensors and access the data anywhere,” stated Rob Frizzell, CEO and co-founder of OmniPreSense. “Making cities smarter, more efficient, greener and safer is even easier to achieve now.” 

The OPS243-C Wi-Fi radar sensor is priced at $249 in single unit quantities.