This eBook takes a look at new measurement tools, connectors and components that will help in modernizing your measurements for accurate higher frequency characterization. After an overview of mmWave markets and challenges for EMC, the following articles cover accurate VNA measurements made when the DUT needs to be far from the instrument like a far-field antenna, vehicle or propagation measurement. The next article surveys waveguide antennas for mmWave use so that you can understand the basic performance of waveguide antennas when choosing an antenna for a mmWave system or test setup. Then a traceable K connector for measurements to 43.5 GHz is described. The last article is about 110 GHz coaxial components for the mmWave market, including bias tees, DC blocks and directional couplers. These components are metrology-grade, with excellent electrical and environmental performance, designed to be used with any measurement equipment that provides coverage to 110 GHz. Learn how to modernize your measurement and testing systems to accurately support higher frequency measurements.

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