KRYTAR, Inc., a leader in the design and production of ultra-broadband microwave components and test equipment, announces a new 4-way power divider offering high performance over the ultra-broadband frequency range of 1.0 to 40.0 GHz in a compact package.

KRYTAR has used its proprietary design technology to produce a wide assortment of matched-line directional dividers (MLDD) with ultra-high performance features. This new power divider, Model 7010400, offers the widest frequency coverage in a single package on the market and provides superior performance from L through Ka-Band. Targeting emerging wireless ultra-broadband designs, including 5G, and many test and measurement applications for electronic warfare (EW) systems and complex switch-matrix applications. The directional coupler can also be manufactured to meet ridged military specifications.

KRYTAR’s technological advances provide excellent operating performance for this new 4-way power divider. Model 7010400 covers the frequency range from 1.0 to 40.0 GHz with >11 dB Isolation and ±1.5 dB Amplitude Tracking. The 4-way divider exhibits Insertion Loss of <6.5 dB and Maximum VSWR is 1.8. Phase Tracking is ±22 degrees.

The power divider is a compact package measuring just 4.5 inches (L) x 2.50 inches (W) x 0.43 inches (H), weighs only 7.3-ounces, and comes with standard 2.4-mm female coaxial connectors with optional 2.92-mm “K” female connectors.

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