Plasma Antennas, Second Edition
Theodore Anderson

This updated edition of an Artech House classic contains steering, focusing and spreading of antenna beams using the physics of refraction of electromagnetic waves through a plasma. Pulsing circuitry for ionizing plasma antennas with low-power requirements are covered. New and improved smart plasma antenna and applications to Wi-Fi and the applications of plasma antennas are discussed. Experimental work on plasma antenna noise and new progress on ruggedization and custom-made plasma tubes are also presented.

This unique resource provides readers with a solid understanding of the efficient design and prototype development of plasma antennas to meet the challenge of reducing the power required to ionize the gas at various plasma densities. Thorough coverage of the technical underpinnings of plasma antennas, as well as important discussions on current markets and applications are discussed. Additionally, the book presents experimental work in this cutting-edge area and reveals the latest developments in the field.

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ISBN: 978-1-63081-750-3
350 pages
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