Key features:

-  Dual-linear polarization
-  Broad, stable beamwidths
-  Low cross-polarization

 NSI-MI Technologies offers a line of dual-linearly polarized, high-performance probes covering 1.1–40.0 GHz. These probes are designed specifically for near-field antenna measurements and come with typical probe pattern correction coefficients for PNF and SNF measurements*. Each probe covers a typical half-octave frequency band aligning with the standard waveguide bands. Additionally, they feature a circular aperture that is ideal for spherical near-field measurements with knife-edge profiles that minimize backscatter in planar near-field antenna measurements. Our probes are high accuracy calibration items that come with standard absorber and a mounting cage compatible with most NSI-MI positioners. Each probe is shipped in a rugged storage case to protect your investment and is designed and manufactured to provide many years of useful life in the measurement facility.

 *PNF and SNF probe pattern coefficients provided are compatible with the NSI2000 software. CNF probe pattern coefficients may be available. Probe patterns may be available for the MI-3000 software. For other availability and compatibility with other antenna measurement software please contact sales.


NSI-MI’s probes are appropriate for general antenna testing, automotive antenna testing, radar cross-section, radome testing, satellite antenna testing and wireless applications.

ANT-DPP Case backup 3-125
The Dual Polarized Probes (DPP) come shipped in a storage case with custom-cut foam packing material along with accessories and to be used for storing. NSI-MI Technologies recommends shipping the DPP in the storage case to ensure the unit is protected.


Mounting hardware and absorber panels are also available for all ANT-DPP Probes.

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