Pixus Technologies has provided the fastest known customized OpenVPX backplane/chassis design in the market. The system was utilized in a military data center installation. 

The 9U RiCool chassis platform for 6U OpenVPX boards features dual hot-swappable 191 CFM fans for cooling up to 2500 W. The design allows the use of rear transition modules in all slots. Rear-pluggable PSU’s provide power for the VPX and custom rails, available in various wattage and output options.  

The 14-slot design required routing for 28 G+ signals across the backplane. This is in excess of the 4 x 25G speeds of 100GbE and the capability of the high-performance RT3 VPX connector. As such, a special high speed connector was utilized for the 28 G+ signals. The backplane also required VITA 66.5 and VITA 67.x interfaces for optical and RF through the printed circuit board. 

Pixus offers high-performance OpenVPX and other open standard architecture backplanes, chassis platforms and specialty products. The company also provides customizable faceplates, ejector handles, card guides and other components.