HUBER+SUHNER launched its MASTERLINE Ultimate Micro (MLUM) compact and discreet fiber optic distribution box as part of its Network Densification product range, designed to ease installation and operation of 5G deployments. 

Operators are often faced with the challenge of providing cost-effective 5G in urban areas. Small cells are critical to providing increased capacity and coverage in these areas, where networks are highly congested with growing numbers of wireless devices. However, creating new cellular sites in urban areas is very challenging with only limited space available for installation in harsh conditions.

To overcome this, HUBER+SUHNER has developed its versatile MLUM solution to address critical challenges in the planning, building and operation of new wireless infrastructure deployments. It provides an affordable solution that is simple to install and takes up the minimum amount of physical space.

“An obstacle right from the initial planning stage of small cell sites is the unique demands of different locations, from street boxes, bus stops, streetlamps or even house walls,” said David Neher, product manager for Outdoor Fiber Connectivity at HUBER+SUHNER. “For this reason, there is a great need for products and solutions that are compact and can therefore be used flexibly in the available space. HUBER+SUHNER is proud to address 5G deployment requirements and challenges with its product portfolio to support the success of the next-generation ecosystem.”

The MLUM features plug and play functionality with multiple mounting options, providing a number of placement possibilities to achieve robust, flexible, high-capacity deployments for up to 4 RRHs.

“Given the increasing number of 5G sites, there is also the requirement to connect the products as quickly as possible to meet growing demand for faster site deployment. That’s why our MASTERLINE Ultimate Micro solution is a game-changer; easy and simple to install with a low visual impact,” concluded Neher.

Adding to its extensive portfolio, with small antennas and Standard Plenum Jumpers solutions for both indoors and outdoors, the MASTERLINE Ultimate Micro establishes HUBER+SUHNER as a leading sustainable solution provider in the market.