PMI Model PDVAT-100M20G-30-8B is a 8-Bit programmable 30 dB PIN diode attenuator with a step resolution as low as 0.25 dB over the frequency range of 100 MHz to 20.0 GHz. This model offers excellent attenuation accuracy and flatness over the entire 100 MHz to 20.0 GHz frequency range.  At 30 dB the measured attenuation accuracy is ±0.09 dB and flatness of ±0.87 dB. Operates on a single +12 VDC to +15 VDC supply @ 150 mA maximum / measured @ 64 mA. Contains field replaceable SMA (F) RF connectors and a 15 Pin Micro-D Female (Mating Connector Supplied) DC connector.  Unit Size is 2.00" x 1.81" x 0.50". For more information visit