Keysight Technologies, Inc. has added two new test solutions to its growing automotive portfolio—Radar Target Simulator (RTS) and Advanced Automotive Ethernet software—which help automotive industry engineers, designers and manufacturers develop high-quality, high performance products that improve safety in any driving conditions and enable emerging advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Rapid developments in autonomous vehicles and demand for greater safety features is fueling the need for sensitive and accurate automotive radar technology. Leveraging its expertise in radar test technology, Keysight now offers a new RTS to help automotive electronics manufacturers confidently simulate radar targets in various realistic scenarios.

Keysight's new RTS performs multi-target, multi-angle testing for radar modules in a lab environment. The solution delivers fast, accurate and reliable results that balance throughput and quality. Design and verification engineers can quickly validate the performance of radar products, while manufacturing and design validation engineers are able to simulate multiple objects at variable distances. By allowing users to bring a real-world test environment into their lab, Keysight's RTS delivers substantial time and cost savings.

"On the way toward autonomous driving, radar module design isn't just a luxury feature, it is a requirement.  Accuracy of those devices cannot be compromised," said Thomas Goetzl, vice president and general manager of Keysight's Automotive and Energy Solutions business unit. "Keysight has leveraged technology from our vast experience in RF design to deliver a multi-target remote head that enables radar module developers to overcome design and performance verification challenges."

Addressing the Standards that Govern Automotive Ethernet

Next-generation ADAS systems require camera and radar systems with high resolution, which require increased speed and bandwidth. Automotive Ethernet enables faster data communication to meet the demands of today's vehicles and the connected vehicles of the future. However, the channel or link in a system can create a point of failure and as such must be fully tested.

To address this growing challenge, Keysight has developed a new automotive Ethernet channel test software solution to verify that information is carried, without loss or cross talk, to its intended destination.

Key features of Keysight's new automotive Ethernet channel test software solution include:

  • Creation of a test plan that includes all required tests as per the specification
  • Automatic set up of the network analyzer for each measurement and applies defined test limits
  • Detailed reporting for each test that has been run

Keysight's Automotive Ethernet solutions suite provides the hardware, software, cables and accessories needed to enable compliance testing. These offerings are enhanced by newly released receiver testing software and an updated transmit compliance application that offers four different data rates, including the preliminary version of Multi-Gig IEEE 802.3ch, in one application—making Keysight the first to offer compliance tests for IEEE 802.3ch.