Atlanta Micro announced the release of two new products, the AM3152 and the AM1102. 

AM1102 is a broadband, cascadable amplifier operating from DC to 22 GHz. The device exhibits moderate gain and excellent noise figure over a wide frequency range which makes the AM1102 a useful component for many broadband applications. Packaged in a 3 mm QFN with internal 50 Ω matching, and drawing less than 160 mmW of power, the AM1102 is perfectly suited for low SWaP applications.

AM3152 is a miniature digitally tunable bandpass filter bank covering the 0.4 to 8 GHz frequency range. The device provides three filter bands each with 256 discrete tune states and a low-loss filter bypass path contained in a 6 mm QFN package. AM3152 is an excellent front-end for a receiver providing both low insertion loss and valuable flexibility for tuning center frequency and bandwidth. Its small size, weight and power consumption make it an attractive choice for demanding application requiring low SWaP components.