To support the roll-out of 5G base stations, StratEdge Corporation has expanded its production line and capacity for ceramic and molded ceramic packages, projecting run rates will exceed 100,000 packages.

The packages are used to house LDMOS, GaN, SiC and GaAs devices and match the standard outlines developed for cellular base stations.

Stratedge packages use copper-molybdenum-copper bases to conduct the heat from the power transistor. Better thermal conductivity enables to device to provide higher output power for a given channel temperature, helping ensure the reliability of the device and system where it is used. Thermal conductivity has become more important with the adoption of GaN power transistors, which have a higher power density and can provide higher output power with adequate thermal design.

Casey Krawiec, vice president of global sales at StratEdge, said, "With our leaded laminate series of high-power amplifier packages, the device is mounted directly onto a layer of thermally-conductive copper, so the heat quickly spreads away from the transistor hot spots, while the matched coefficient of thermal expansion minimizes the stress experienced by the device.”

Tim Going, president and CEO of StratEdge, said the company moved into new facilities last year.

“StratEdge is committed to the development of new products and the expansion of our product offerings to meet the increasing demands for 5G equipment, as well as defense and commercial applications, including radar, communications, avionics and customer-premises equipment," said Going.