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Ridge Waveguides and Passive Microwave Components

Joseph Helszajn
The Institution of Electrical Engineers
327 pages; $98
ISBN: 0-85296-794-2

The ridge waveguide is an important transmission line used in microwave engineering. The important quantities, which describe any waveguide, are its propagation constant, attenuation and mode spectrum. This textbook includes closed form descriptions and finite element calculations on each of these quantities. Another quantity of importance in the design of non-reciprocal devices is the existence of circular polarization of the magnetic field. It is given special attention. This book is addressed to graduate students or practicing engineers and uses extensive mathematical developments.

The book consists of nineteen chapters: The Ridge Waveguide, Propagation and Impedance in Rectangular Waveguides, Impedance and Propagation in Ridge Waveguides Using the Transverse Resonance Method, Fields, Propagation and Attenuation in Double Ridge Waveguides, Impedance of Double Ridge Waveguide Using the Finite Element Method, Characterization of Single Ridge Waveguide Using the Finite Element Method, Propagation Constant and Impedance of Dielectric Loaded Ridge Waveguide Using a Hybrid Finite Element Solver, Circular Polarization in Ridge and Dielectric Loaded Ridge Waveguides, Quadruple Ridge Waveguide, Faraday Rotation in Gyromagnetic Quadruple Ridge Waveguide, Characterization of Discontinuity Effects in Single Ridge Waveguide, Ridge Cross-guide Directional Coupler, Directly Coupled Filter Circuits Using Immitance Inverters, Ridge Waveguide Filter Design Using Mode Matching Method, Non-reciprocal Ridge Isolators and Phase-shifters, Finline Waveguide, Inverted Turnstile Finline Junction Circulator, Semi-tracking Ridge Circulator and Variational Calculus, Functionals and Rayleigh-Ritz Procedure.

Numerous figures, tables and curves are provided to the reader to illustrate the component described and to give some results of the calculations involved. An extensive bibliography is provided for further investigations.

To order this book, contact: Institution of Electrical Engineers, c/o Whitehurst & Clark, 100 Newfield Ave., Edison, NJ 08837 (888) 438-2517; or PO Box 96, Stevenage, Herts SG1 2SD, UK +44 1438 313311.

Introduction to 3G Mobile Communications

Juha Korhonen
Artech House Inc.
559 pages; $99, £69
ISBN: 1-58053-287-X

The third-generation mobile communications system, or 3G, is the next big advance in the world of mobile communications. It will bring digital multimedia handsets with high data-transmission rates, providing much more than voice communications.

This book presents the basics of Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS) in one comprehensive volume without the use of advanced mathematics. It was written to provide the reader with an information source that explains the principles and basic concepts of the most important of the 3G telecommunication systems - UMTS or 3GPP - in an easily understandable form.

There are numerous research papers on the subject. The author has deciphered the information, added some analysis and provides it to the reader in easy to understand English. The result is an entry-level introduction to 3G, with an emphasis on the 3GPP-specified FDD mode system.

Interested professionals will find a complete overview of UMTS, information on the latest 3G technology standards, a review of the wideband CDMA air interface, details on network architecture, and guidance in network planning and management.

Other key topics include new concepts in the UMTS network, 3G system signaling procedures, 3G services and applications, modulation and coding, and standardization organizations and industry groups. Moreover, the book takes a look at the future of wireless communications. A list of references is provided at the end of every chapter to help professionals gain access to further information.

Several appendices provide information on worldwide cellular users statistics, 3GPP structure and specifications, useful Web addresses, and standardization organizations and industry groups.

To order this book, contact: Artech House Inc., 685 Canton St., Norwood, MA 02062 (781) 769-9750, Ext. 4002; or 46 Gillingham St., London SW1V 1HH, UK +44 (0) 207 596-8750.