Reno Sub-Systems Inc. introduced its first all solid state generator and RF matching system, developed to support a repeat customer of Reno’s Velocity™ RF Matching Networks. The new system is the first-ever combined EVC™ match and RF generator unit designed specifically as an integrated system, leveraging Reno’s patented Velocity RF Match and Precis™ Generator technologies. This combination allows for direct communications between the systems to optimize the performance of both.

“Developing and launching a fully integrated match and generator system is a major technological accomplishment that once again showcases Reno’s innovation and know-how,” said John Voltz, senior vice president of business development at Reno Subsystems. “It is highly validating that one of our repeat customers would trust us to develop this system for their latest and most advanced process tool. Adding this new integrated product to our portfolio offers us significant growth potential as a company, and propels us quickly into the RF generator market, which is roughly twice the TAM of matching networks alone.”

Reno’s new RF match and generator system combines the company’s proven Velocity RF Matching Network and Precis Generator technologies in a clean sheet design that optimizes the performance of both. Historically, the efficiency and magnitude of forward power and reflected power have fueled the process challenges behind today’s RF generators and VVC matching networks in plasma processes. The time required to correct micro-arcing or plasma instability detection has created significant challenges at 14 nm and below. 

Reno’s solid state electronically variable capacitor (EVC) matching network is a digital array that achieves run-to-run repeatable and accurate matching technology to enable the specific, high aspect ratio, selectively anisotropic sharp-edge plasma processing. The company’s Precis generator technology delivers the precise power control required for advanced semiconductor manufacturing below 10 nm. Combining Reno’s solid-state power generator and EVC matching technologies into one mechanical package with one control system and microsecond step changes allows forward power and reflected power to evolve into efficient delivered power.