Anritsu Co. introduces the PIM Master™ MW82119B-0703 2-port 700 MHz PIM analyzer, a dual-function solution that can conduct two-port RF PIM measurements where the two CW tones are transmitted separately from two different Tx ports, as well as traditional one-port RF PIM measurements. With the MW82119B-0703, RF field engineers and technicians, and third-party contractors can conduct highly accurate PIM measurements and conduct troubleshooting in the FirstNet Band 14 and Band 17 spectrum for co-located sites.

By offering separate RF outputs for each of the two CW tones, the two-port PIM Master is fully compliant with the method of procedure used by field engineers testing the FirstNet network. The PIM Master MW82119B-0703 has two Tx ports that allow for one CW signal to transmit from a Band 14 antenna and another CW signal to transmit from a Band 17 antenna. This configuration simulates real world conditions and makes troubleshooting PIM more accurate. 

The PIM Master MW82119-0703 can also function as a traditional one-port PIM test set for verifying PIM in cable and antenna systems. To convert between a two-port and a single port PIM measurement solution, the user simply connects or removes the supplied jumper cable between the two ports.

Cost-of-test in the field is lowered because the PIM Master MW82119-0703 can more efficiently troubleshoot Rx noise floor creating PIM issues that affect KPIs. Test time is reduced because multiple antennas can be compared on a single display, which subsequently shortens time spent on rooftops finding customer-impacting PIM issues. 

The PIM Master MW82119-0703 has the same compact, lightweight, portable field-proven form factor with the same battery life and easy-to-use GUI as existing PIM Master instruments. It is a 40 W battery-operated PIM analyzer featuring Site Master™ line sweep capability. With the Site Master option included, the PIM Master is able to fully certify cable and antenna system performance, measuring PIM, distance-to-PIM, return loss, VSWR, cable loss and distance-to-fault with a single test instrument. PIM Master includes a large, outdoor viewable display and intuitive user interface that is optimized for field conditions.