As the RF spectrum becomes more crowded, the chance for interfering signals greatly increases as frequency bands become very close to each other and sometimes even overlap. There are many techniques from filtering to spectrum sharing to frequency cancelation. This eBook has five articles that cover various aspects of interference. The first takes a look at the Wi-Fi or 5G question – do we need both and how they use the same frequencies in some cases. The second article looks at a new self-interference cancelation method for co-location of radio transceivers so they can share the same frequency band. The third looks at a growing technology for 5G called Dynamic Spectrum Sharing that allows LTE and 5G signals to use the same frequency band. The next article is a short discussion about how the unlicensed bands may become a key factor in the rollout of 5G. The last article takes a look at 5G mmWave filtering and the challenges to designing good filters at these higher frequencies.

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