Averatek Inc. has announced Calumet Electronics as its first A-SAP™ licensee.  A-SAP™ is an advanced PCB manufacturing technology that enables feature sizes of 25 microns and below effectively providing PCB designers with new opportunities to address the challenges of next-generation electronics.

“Averatek’s A-SAP™ process is industry transforming technology that will allow the U.S. to recapture the leadership position in electronics manufacturing, providing for dramatic reductions in size, weight and manufacturing complexity, while significantly improving signal integrity and reliability,” said Todd Brassard, COO, Calumet Electronics.

“Calumet Electronics is rapidly moving through the process installation and qualification cycle,” said Haris Basit, CEO of Averatek.  “Their PCB manufacturing expertise in combination with these advanced fabrication capabilities strongly positions Calumet to support industry leaders as they face growing challenges with increasing density and frequency.”

Averatek’s A-SAP™ is an advanced manufacturing process for PCB fabrication with trace and space widths as narrow as 15 microns.  This process can dramatically reduce area, layer count and weight of electronics systems as well as provide significant RF benefits.  A-SAP™ has been designed to be easily integrated with traditional PCB manufacturing equipment and materials.