Pixus Technologies has announced a new version of the VPXD1000 series that allows various VITA 67 slot configurations for RF interfaces over OpenVPX. The chassis can be partitioned for a separate segment for specialty RF devices or your SOSA (Sensor Open Systems Architecture) implementation.  

The new version of the VPXD1000 comes in a 63HP (12.6 in.) wide size, allowing higher slot count backplanes up to ten slots at a 1 in. pitch. Alternatively, designers can utilize one portion of the chassis for a smaller VITA 67 backplane over OpenVPX and a separate segment for RF or other devices. Pixus can optimize the airflow/cooling for each segment to best suit the customer requirements.

The VPXD1000 features removable sidewalls. When testing, the sidewalls can be removed for easy open frame access to probe plug-in cards. The chassis walls can later be plugged in for thermal testing or aesthetic purposes for end customers demonstrations. 

Pixus offers OpenVPX backplane/chassis systems in commercial, development and MIL rugged formats. The company also provides IEEE and Eurocard components for the embedded computer market.