UNISOC announced that it has successfully completed a data call over 5G mmWave module based on the 26 GHz band. It will lay a solid foundation for the development of 5G mmWave chipsets.

The test was performed using a UNISOC 5G mmWave terminal prototype and Keysight signal generator and signal analyzer.

The 5G mmWave prototype terminal includes baseband, intermediate frequency, RFFE and phased array antenna, integrated with multi-core processors, FPGA high speed signal processing, large-scale phased array antenna and supports 26/39 GHz bands, enabling it to meet the requirements for large bandwidth, high frequency, high speed and MU-MIMO verification in a variety of 5G NR scenarios.

UNISOC has long been in the field of 5G, and has actively participated in the 5G R&D trials organized by the IMT-2020 (5G) Promotion Group. UNISOC and Keysight will jointly demonstrate the data call over 5G mmWave module and show the latest results of 5G mmWave technologies at the PT Expo China 2019.