WIN Semiconductors is offering a sample kit for its 0.15 μm GaN on SiC process, designated NP15-00.

Supporting full MMICs with through-wafer vias, the NP15-00 platform can be used to design linear or saturated power amplifiers operating to 35 GHz. At 29 GHz, the GaN device provides saturated output power of 3 W/mm with more than 50 percent efficiency without harmonic tuning. The linear gain of the device is 13 dB. The 100 mm NP15-00 process operates at a drain bias of 20 V and uses a source-coupled field plate to increase the breakdown voltage.

The NP15-00 process was developed for 5G mmWave radio access networks, satellite communications and radar applications. For active arrays, the higher transmit power and efficiency from a GaN PA enables designers to reduce antenna count — and array size — while achieving the same total radiated power from the array.

WIN, formed 20 years ago in October 1999, has grown to be the world’s largest pure-play compound semiconductor foundry.