RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for CML Microcircuits’ SCT2400, a highly integrated digital voice and data transceiver. Operating in the 2.4 GHz, ISM band, the SCT2400 provides secure communication links over long ranges, up to 12km line-of-sight, but with extremely low power consumption. Up to 100 mW of output power is achieved while consuming just 10 mA in scan mode, around 52 mA when receiving voice and just 64 mA when transmitting voice.

CML’s voice coding expertise and advanced forward error correction maintains clarity and security in long range/low power radio systems such as Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and Land Mobile Radio (LMR). Operating from a single 3V supply, the low power dissipation and small size (10mm by 10mm, 144-BGA package) means it can be used in portable, mobile and wearable products, including fitness trackers, smart clothing and wireless headsets. This CML transceiver supports digital voice modes that include peer to peer, group call and broadcast, along with an SMS data mode.

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