Keysight Technologies has released the FieldFox B-series, the next generation of its multi-purpose, handheld microwave analyzer. The B-series offers users upper frequency options from 4 to 26.5 GHz and 100 MHz real-time bandwidth for real-time spectrum analysis.

The rugged, durable and portable FieldFox B handheld analyzers feature:

  • 100 MHz real-time bandwidth for cellular base station testing.
  • 10 dB improvement in the displayed average noise level (DANL), improving measurement of low noise signals and weak interferers.
  • Capability to collect, play back and analyze raw I/Q data for electronic warfare testing.
  • Task-driven user interface for each operating mode, saving time in the field.
  • Multiple measurement applications for specific measurements, supporting routine maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting.
  • Measurements in the field transportable to the lab for analysis with 89600 VSA software.
  • PRF 28800F compliant, to withstand explosive impact and wet weather.

The 100 MHz bandwidth of the FieldFox B-series supports field testing of 5G networks and enables users to locate and identify the shortest interfering threats to satellite communication networks.

“Keysight recognized that the increasing performance and complexity of radar and electronic warfare signals needed to be matched with a combination of bandwidth and dynamic range in a handheld microwave analyzer. We're proud to deliver the first handheld combination spectrum and vector network analyzer with 100 MHz real time bandwidth that addresses 5G and electronic warfare testing.” — Dan Dunn, Keysight vice president