* Bluetooth™ CD-ROM

This Bluetooth Solutions CD-ROM provides valuable technology literature, application notes and product information to engineers developing and manufacturing ICs, modules and host devices incorporating the Bluetooth technology.

Agilent Technologies,
Berkshire, UK +44 (0) 1189 276 824.

Circle No. 200

* New Products and Technologies Catalog

This "What's New at AVX for 2001" catalog offers valuable information on this year's new products and technologies. The catalog highlights information on the company's products, including capacitors, capacitor arrays, filters, thin film devices, ferrites, timing devices, connectors and circuit protection devices.

AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC (843) 946-0414.

Circle No. 201

* GaAs Semiconductor Component Catalog

This 10-page catalog features the company's line of GaAs semiconductor products for broadband wireless and fiber-optic communications. TrueTriangle™ power amplifier modules and WideFiber™ driver amplifiers are detailed. Product outline drawings, photographs, specifications, features and applications are provided.

Santa Clara, CA (408) 986-5060.

Circle No. 202

* Microwave Synthesizer Literature

This datasheet and brochure detail the low cost model 12000A microwave synthesizer. The datasheet provides detailed product specifications while the brochure covers the synthesizer's advanced digital architecture, frequency switching speed, frequency ramp sweep technique, modulation capabilities and reliability figures.

Giga-tronics Inc.,
San Ramon, CA (925) 328-4650.

Circle No. 203

* New Product Catalog

This product catalog addresses technical specifications, design details, custom products and designer kits for the company's four major categories of inductors including surface-mount RF inductors, surface-mount power inductors, leading RF inductors and leaded power inductors.

Gowanda Electronics,
Gowanda, NY (716) 532-2234.

Circle No. 204

* Data Sheet

This two-page data sheet features coaxial resonators made with modern, high performance ceramic dielectric materials. The coaxial TEM resonators are an ideal choice when cost, size and stability are important. Applications include dielectric resonating oscillators, VCOs, pagers, cellular and wireless communications, and bandpass/bandstop filters.

Integrated Microwave,
San Diego, CA (858) 259-2600.

Circle No. 205

* Product Catalog

This latest edition of the company's Catalog 119 offers thousands of new products, more brand name manufacturers than ever and unique new customer services. The newly expanded product section in the catalog showcases 16,000 new products and 25 new manufacturers. In all, the company stocks 150,000+ products from more than 300 quality manufacturers.

Newark Electronics,
Chicago, IL (800) 463-9275.

Circle No. 206

* Specialty Materials Catalog

This 16-page catalog details the company's line of specialty materials such as urethane foams, electroluminescent lamps and inverters, induflex laminates, PORON silicone materials, R/flex flexible circuit materials, RT/duroid and TMM high frequency circuit materials, RO4000 and RO3000 high frequency circuit materials, elastomer components and composite materials.

Rogers Corp., Rogers, CT (800) 774-9605.

Circle No. 207

* RF/Microwave Products Catalog

This 72-page catalog details the RF and microwave product line including low loss flexible cable assemblies through 50 GHz, high stability flexible assemblies, VNA cable assemblies, quick-connecting test adapters, solid PTFE semi-rigid assemblies and RF coaxial cable assemblies.

Storm Products-Microwave,
Hinsdale, IL (630) 323-9121.

Circle No. 208

* High Performance Cable
and Interconnect Systems Catalog

This 10-page catalog features the company's high density cable assemblies, RF/microwave assemblies and connectors, precision coaxial and multi-connector harnesses and assemblies, and high performance wire and cable. Product photographs, descriptions, applications and features are provided.

Tensolite, a Carlisle company,
Andover, MA (800) 362-3539.

Circle No. 209

* Technical Bulletins

This series of custom air filter product technical bulletins are intended for EOM designers, who can use the technical data when considering thermal management options in electronics and industrial equipment. The five bulletin series features air filter modules used in air cooling of electronics applications: dual EMI honeycomb, polyester, polyfold, quadrafoam and uni-foam.

Universal Air Filter Co.,
Sauget, IL (618) 271-7300.

Circle No. 210

* Low Noise RF Modules

This 11-page catalog features Blue Tops™ RF modules, including amplifiers, frequency multipliers and dividers. Product descriptions, photographs, features, line drawings, specifications and schematics are provided.

Wenzel Associates Inc.,
Austin, TX (512) 450-1400.

Circle No. 211