Microwave Journal has collected previews from many of the leading RF/microwave companies exhibiting at IMS and developed the summary here so you can plan you time in the exhibition wisely. There will be more than 600 companies exhibiting so hope this review can help you navigate the show floor efficiently.

3D Glass3D Glass – Booth #781
3D Glass Solutions, a leader in developing solutions for high frequency passive components using a novel technology to integrate 3D circuit elements into electronic components, will be displaying their passive component products including:  Antennas, Baluns, Filters, Inductors, Capacitors, Couplers, etc., all integral to the efficiency of RF circuits and designs. 3D Glass Solutions’ circuit elements allow circuit designers to integrate multiple dielectric constants, including air.  The ability to design with air allows very high performance at high frequencies (>1GHz) which are necessary for Mil Aero and Commercial RF applications (5G, Autonomous Vehicle, High Speed Data Photonics).  Traditional technologies fall short of needed performance at high frequencies.

3D Glass Solutions’ technology is based on using ‘glass-ceramic’ substrate materials which are manufactured (IP) with a process similar to conventional semiconductor fabrication methods.  Markets include Mil-Aero, Commercial Telecom, High Speed Data, Automotive Radar, etc.  Customers are typically component and system designers working in high frequency, power conversion, Radar, antennas or RF system integration.

Adv MWAdvanced Microwave Technology (AMT) – Booth #283
AMT is a leading company in the research, development, design, manufacture and distribution of RF, Microwave and Millimeter-wave 50 Ω coaxial cables, connectors, adapters, cable   assemblies and passive devices up to 110 GHz. With 10 years rapid development, more than 200 types of cables are available. Special products include phase stable cables with out-meter covers from mini 1.2mm to 12mm enduring high power and ultra stable phase cables whose phase vs temperature is 100 ppm @ -10℃~+55℃.

NGC NelcoAGC Nelco - Booth #593
AGC Nelco will be highlighting the following materials:
N9000 PTFE laminates provide superior mechanical and electrical performance for your lowest electrical loss and high frequency applications. N9000 materials provide tightly controlled dielectric constant, loss and thickness, passive intermodulation (PIM) performance up to 25% better, and foil adhesion 50-100% greater than other PTFE laminates available.

Nelco Meteorwave materials offer very advanced electrical performance and very high reliability. They are intended for use in next generation applications where low signal attenuation, high reliability and high data transfer rates are critical. Meteorwave products are designed to facilitate high temperature lead-free assemblies and high layer count printed circuit board designs that require high reliability, CAF resistance and low Z-axis expansion. Meteorwave materials are also available with controlled Dk’s of 3.5 and a new Dk 3.0 material. M-Ply is a Meteorwave-based bond ply for RF hybrid applications

ADIAnalog Devices – Booth #918
Analog Devices’ system-level expertise in RF, microwave and millimeter wave technology helps unlock the entire wireless spectrum, and the opportunities that come with it. ADI’s latest advancements in RF are impacting 5G, instrumentation and aerospace & defense. Their demos will include:

  • Communications: Industry-leading 24 to 29.5 GHz high-channel count beamformer, with integrated up/down converter and RF DAC/ADC for mmWave 5G, plus a complete Massive-MIMO integrated transceiver solution.
  • Aerospace and Defense: Integrated beamformer and System on Module (RF SoM) solutions
  • Instrumentation: 5G testing with the latest high-performance RF, frequency synthesizers and high-speed converters.
  • Commercial: Low-cost walk-through body scanning security system.
  • Industrial: 24 GHz TinyRadar for distance and speed measurements, and 60 GHz FMCW radar system for positioning and imaging.
  • Technology Exhibits: Ultra-wideband mmWave frequency synthesizers, Silicon-On-Insulator mmWave switch products.
  • Power-by-Linear: Leading low noise power supply solutions, and ultra-compact µModules with low EMI/EMC for RF & microwave radios.

AnokiwaveAnokiwave - Booth #223
Anokiwave will feature the industry’s most advanced and complete portfolio of Silicon ICs for mmWave 5G, SATCOM, and RADAR applications. This year marks Anokiwave’s 20th anniversary as well as the release of its 3rd generation of mmWave dual polarization 5G Beamformer ICs (BFIC), IF Up/Down Converters (IFICs), and 2nd generation of K/Ka and Ku Band SATCOM BFICs. Anokiwave senior staff will be present and available for meetings during the show. Utilizing a 300 mm Silicon CMOS process, Anokiwave ICs provide the optimum balance of low cost and high-performance. Thereby, today Anokiwave is the industry’s trusted provider of mmWave Silicon ICs for high volume commercial deployments of 5G and SATCOM systems worldwide.

AnritsuAnritsu - Booth #542
Anritsu Company will be demonstrating its latest innovations for its Test and Measurement solutions including:

  • VectorStar Vector Network Analyzer Solutions – this premium VNA line offers superior performance and coverage in a single coaxial test port. It’s the only VNA that offers a Differential Noise Figure option for characterizing the noise figure of differential devices.
  • ShockLine Vector Network Analyzer Solution – this performance solution delivers an unprecedented level of value and performance while lowering cost-of-test and speeding time-to-market.
  • Field Master Pro MS2090A Spectrum Analyzer – delivering the highest levels of performance in a compact, handheld, touchscreen RF analyzer, this solution provides continuous coverage from 9 kHz to 54 GHz and unparalleled measurement accuracy previously reserved for benchtop instruments only.
  • W1 Coaxial Components – these metrology-grade solutions are not band limited and support a frequency range from DC to 110 GHz,  delivering precision performance and repeatability for high-frequency measurements.

AnsysANSYS - Booth #818
Designing 5G communication systems, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), IoT and other high-performance wireless and digital systems is driving high-levels of integration, pushing the limits of battery life, and continuing the drive to design smaller electronic components.  ANSYS simulation software will help you meet these design challenges.  ANSYS is the gold standard software for the design of RF/microwave components, signal integrity, power integrity, EMI analysis and electronics reliability.  

Visit ANSYS ito experience the industry leading design flow for antenna synthesis, antenna placement and radio frequency interference (RFI) diagnosis. Learn how to combine HFSS with thermal and mechanical analysis to create a true multiphysics platform to design reliable mission-critical electronic systems. ANSYS delivers the simulation features you need to create reliable, optimized wireless communications, autonomous systems and components, and achieve first-pass design success.

APIAPI Technologies – Booth #442
API will feature the new OPTO-FIRE™ micro-optical transceiver from API Technologies enables the improvement of critical data communication systems in airborne, naval, and renewable energy applications. With a range of high-speed data rates (20 Mbs to 25 Gbs), multiple-channels & protocol agnostic architecture, the OPTO-FIRE™ micro-optical transceivers are specifically designed for harsh environment applications. OPTO-FIRE™ is a major change in optical core technology which enables significant size and weight reductions. Available in customized rugged packaging styles to withstand harsh -58 to +212 degrees F operating temperature requirements. Designed and manufactured in the U.K., The OPTO-FIRE™ transceiver product portfolio offers a replacement for traditional copper cabling while delivering proven error free performance up to 1.1km of multimode fibre, is rad tolerant & has a low power consumption (130mW/chl).

AR – Booth 572
See AR’s latest ultra-wideband, cost effective Universal 10 kHz – 1000 MHz solid state power amplifiers, now to 250 W. Excellent for EMC, lab use, R&D, medical, wireless, and scientific applications. AR is the leader in supplying the highest power solid-state CW amplifiers and has delivered a Class A RF amplifier capable of delivering over 50,000 watts with excellent harmonic performance of -40 dBc minimum.

Another recent milestone is a 10,000 W linear amplifier covering the entire 80 to 1000 MHz frequency band. Ask about their solid-state pulse amplifiers that cover the 1-4 GHz frequency range. They have excellent harmonic distortion, ease of maintenance, very high MTBF, and produce output powers approaching 20,000 W. Typical applications include EMC and radar testing.

They will also showcase their ultra-wideband single amplifier 0.7 to 6 GHz, hybrid power modules and bench-top amplifiers in both Class A and Class AB designs. These single band amplifiers incorporate the latest GaN devices, and utilize chip and wire technology, proprietary combining techniques, and are manufactured in our microelectronics hybrid facility. Dual band units covering the 1-18 GHz band will also be on display.

Berkeley NucleonicsBerkeley Nucleonics - Booth #1214
Berkeley Nucleonics will introduce a top performing 40 GHz Multi-Channel Signal Generator. Visit them for a first hand demonstration of phase coherent frequency switching, a unique advancement in multi-channel RF/Microwave Signal Generators. Model 855B Series 2-Channel, 4-Channel, and 8-Channel RF/Microwave Signal Generators expand testing capability by enabling multiplexing, increasing data throughput and improving signal-to-noise ratios. The growing need for testing multiple channels in multi-antenna applications is driving new signal simulation and characterization capabilities. The ultra-compact Model 855B offers superior performance in several critical areas. The new design increases power range to an impressive -80 to 25 dBm on each output. The operator’s frequency selection has been expanded to 300 kHz – 40 GHz and ultra-fast switching speeds are now down to 25 uS. The new design boasts a very respectable Phase Noise measurement of -150 dBc/Hz at a 100 kHz offset from a 1 GHz carrier (-100 dBc/Hz at 10 Hz offset).

CadenceCadence – Booth #942
Visit Cadence to explore their products and solutions for multi-fabric design, analysis, and verification, including innovations in electromagnetic (EM) analysis and cross-fabric implementation. Learn about new design techniques such as RFIC and RF module co-design flows with the Virtuoso RF Solution, Edit-in-Concert™ technology for simultaneous editing of multiple ICs and modules across technologies, how to accurately analyze the most complex EM challenges with the new Clarity™ 3D Solver, and how to streamline EM analysis across fabrics including combining EM models and RC parasitics. Additionally, Cadence will host a number of MicroApps presentations, a workshop, and in-booth presentations with topics including system clarity with cross-fabric EM analysis, advanced packaging, concurrent layout editing of RFIC and RF modules, and chip, package, and PCB co-analysis for 5G mmWave front ends.

CTTCTT Inc - Booth 1061
CTT will be exhibiting a family of GaN and GaAs-based solid-state power amplifiers designed for commercial, industrial and military applications.

  • New 600 W X-Band Radar Power Amplifier - CTT’s new X-Band solid-state GaN-based power amplifier, Model AGN/098-5864-P, is designed specifically to meet the demands of the latest synthetic aperture radar (SAR) requirements. Providing more than 600 W pulsed [10% duty] at 9.5 GHz, in a compact package, 6.17-in (L) X 6.60-in (W) X 0.82-in [H]. This new power amplifier design makes an especially attractive choice for new SAR designs where SWaP is at a premium, including many UAV applications.
  • New 40 W Multi-Band Power Amplifier - CTT’s new solid-state GaN-based power amplifier, Model AGX/180-4656, covers 3.0 to 18.0 GHz with 40 W of CW power output. The compact size of 5.16-in (L) x 4.90-in (W) x 0.28-in (H) offers RF/Microwave designers an excellent choice for SWaP solutions in many applications, including EW jammers, and for transmit power in multi-band SATCOM terminals.

CobhamCobham - Booth #1022
Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions’ will show off their new Cross Notch Antenna Model Number 94800568 that is a dual-linear, high power, crossed notch antenna. This antenna offers breakthrough performance and is suitable for airborne and high-power ECM applications. In addition, it is also suitable for feeding reflector antennas, wide-band antenna arrays and other broadband applications.

ComsolCOMSOL – Booth 136
COMSOL will showcase how its multiphysics simulation software promotes faster antenna evaluation with the latest features introduced in the RF Module, a high-frequency electromagnetic (EM) simulation add-on tool now available in COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.4. Simulation and design engineers can stop by their booth to discuss applications for a number of markets such as communication, automotive, Internet of Things (IoT), and virtual reality using multiphysics modeling. COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.4 features the following highlights for microwave & RF designers:

  • Postprocessing workflows and variables for antenna-array radiation-pattern analysis
  • Simulation domain transformation utilizing time-to-frequency and frequency-to-time fast Fourier transform (FFT)
  • Expanded material library for microwave and millimeter-wave (mmWave) circuit boards
  • Application library updates through the deployment of commercially available connectors in the RF Part Library
  • Improved user experience for defining ports

CMTCopper Mountain Technologies - Booth #1160
Copper Mountain Technologies is showcasing how their vector network analyzers extend your reach into many applications. CMT VNAs are suited for many different types of applications in addition to traditional R&D and production testing. One focus at IMS 2019 for CMT will be materials measurement. CMT’s 1-Port vector reflectometers are particularly well suited for materials measurements. These portable, metrology-grade analyzers are used for a variety of measurements in a wide range of environments, like testing weld integrity on pipes, scanning plane canopies and radomes, measuring water levels in a field, testing liquids with submerged probes, etc.  At IMS 2019, Compass Technology Group will be in the CMT booth demonstrating a probe scanning material samples with a robotic arm directly connected to their R180 1-Port 18 GHz analyzer. On display will also be the new Epsilometer, which measures dielectric constant and loss tangent of dielectric materials up to 6 GHz.

CadenceCustom MMIC – Booth 1350
Custom MMIC, the innovation and performance leader in RF and Microwave MMIC devices, will have a live demonstration of their flagship Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier (CMD283) that boasts the industry’s lowest noise figure of 0.6 dB. Custom MMIC technical representatives will be on-hand to assist you in exploring our full range of high performance products that include ultra-wideband amplifiers, attenuators, GaN Mixers, GaN low noise amplifiers (LNA’s), multipliers, phase shifters and switches. You will also be able to learn more about our recently enhanced space screening and qualification capabilities to MIL-PRF-38534 and MIL-PRF-38535. Take this opportunity to learn why Custom MMIC is the preferred supplier of RF and Microwave products to many of the industry’s largest defense contractors from around the world. Where can they take you next?

DalicapDalicap – Booth #889
Dalicap is a source of microwave/RF High-Q (>10,000) MLCC, regular MLCC, broadband MLCC and SLC, and is dedicated to the design and manufacture of customized products such as MLCC c/w microstrip, ribbon, etc. After years’ development, Dalicap is one of the leading suppliers of Hi-Q MLCC, which is being widely used in the industry for applications such as 5G power amplifiers, MRI coils, semiconductors, high-speed railways, filters, Plasma igniters, television & broadcast transmitters, etc.  To facilitate their customer’s R&D, standard design kits are also available. Besides standard Hi-Q MLCC, products sized larger than 70B, with microstrip, ribbon or wire are also the best sellers, inclusive of non-magnetic types.

NovaElectroTechnik/Nova Microwave - Booth #150
Nova Microwave, Inc., a manufacturer of high-quality passive RF/Microwave circulators and isolators under the ElectroTechnik company, recently announced the release of the DKIU3325 broad band isolator. The new DKIU3325 isolator operates from 26.5 to 40 GHz and it can handle 5 W of forward average power.  This high-performance isolator is available with 2.92 mm (K) connectors.

HolzworthHolzworth - Booth #679
Holzworth Instrumentation will be showcasing new 40 GHz RF Synthesizer and Phase Noise Analyzer products at IMS in Boston, in support of 5G manufacturing test and R&D efforts where high speed data fidelity is critical. The HSX Series RF Synthesizers offer incredible spectral purity and phase noise performance. These unique multi-channel, phase coherent synthesizers offer industry leading channel-channel phase stability in a 1U chassis. The newly released 40 GHz options offer broadband performance from 10 MHz to 40 GHz (1 mHz step size), while complimenting the lower frequency options of 3, 6, 12 and 24 GHz.

The HA7062D 40GHz Real Time Phase Noise Analyzer is the only phase noise analyzer available with real time FFT data analysis that covers the entire 100MHz offset measurement bandwidth. In addition to pure measurement speed, Holzworth's phase noise analyzers include an ANSI z540 calibration and focus on data accuracy, repeatability and reliability.

IntegraIntegra Technologies – Booth 1207
Integra Technologies, Inc, a leading provider of RF and Microwave power semiconductor and pallet solutions for state-of-the-art radar, electronic warfare and advanced communications systems, will present a new family of X-band power solutions at IMS. Integra will host a live demo of the IGT1112M90, a Fully-Matched-to-50-Ohms GaN/SiC RF Power Transistor designed to meet the demanding needs of modern X-band radar systems. The IGT1112M90 operates instantaneously over a frequency range of 10.8-11.8 GHz, delivers a minimum peak output power of 90 W at 50 V drain bias voltage and 11 dB of gain, achieving 43% efficiency. This new family of X-band products positions Integra to address the increasingly challenging needs of the X-band radar market for higher sensitivity, improved resolution, superior detection and smaller form factor.

IsolaIsola - Booth #360
Isola will be showcasing these IMS RF/Microwave Featured Products:
Astra MT77® materials are a breakthrough, very low-loss dielectric constant (Dk) product for millimeter wave frequencies and beyond.

I-Tera® MT40; TerraGreen®; IS680 and IS680AG laminate materials exhibit exceptional electrical properties which are very stable over a broad frequency and temperature range. Isola helps designers achieve smaller, more powerful, more durable and less power hungry products.

As frequencies increase, designers are looking to controlled dielectric materials as a means of achieving optimal signal performance. This would include the designers also paying closer attention to the selection of copper foils such as VLP-2 (very low profile 2 micron), as well as woven glass styles such as square weave or spread glass styles that would also help improve overall performance and ease of PCB manufacturing.

K&LK&L Microwave – Booth #524
K&L Microwave will feature its 7SFB-225/Q512-O that is a 7 channel switched filter bank designed to filter spurious and harmonic content generated by high power amplifiers and transmitters in the UHF band. These interferers can degrade performance and even damage sensitive equipment. As communications band usage and amplifier technology power densities increase, this challenge becomes more formidable. K&L Microwave has leveraged core competencies in PIN diode based switches and high-power filters to develop a suite of high-power switched filter banks. Please consult the factory for custom filters, other bands, or higher power levels. 

KeysightKeysight- Booth #606
Keysight recognizes the significance of IMS week as an IMS Gold Sponsor, 5G Summit Corporate Sponsor, RFIC Gold Sponsor, and ARFTG Silver Sponsor. Microwave & RF technology brings a new set of complex challenges. Keysight offers the widest range of high-frequency test equipment, PathWave software, and Services to help you design, simulate, and test your latest innovations in 5G Communications, Aerospace & Defense, and emerging markets. An example is there 5G Signal Generation and Analysis testbed that is used to validate 5G base station antennas and components from sub-6 GHz to millimeter wave frequency bands. The testbed includes a new dual channel 44 GHz signal generator in compact formfactor and a wideband analyzer demonstrating over-the-air (OTA) test of a 64-element cross-polarized array at 28 GHz.

LadybugLadyBug Technologies - Booth #1255
LadyBug will showcase a variety of their high accuracy solutions with a focus on system integration. They will highlight their flexible USB and SPI direct-connect power sensor options. The options address power measurement needs of system integration including higher accuracy, reduced size, weight, and power consumption. The SPI option allows users to connect directly to the sensor using SPI or I2C. This eliminates the hardware and software overhead associated with USB connectivity and still delivers an accurate calibrated, power measurement. Customers can build compact test systems that include first-tier NIST traceability along with LadyBug’s patented No-Zero Technology.  LadyBug manufactures direct reading pulse sensors along with True-RMS average power sensors. Sensors with ranges from 9 kHz to 40 GHz and 86 dB dynamic range.

LPKFLPKF - Booth #1224
LPKF 4th generation S-series in-house rapid PCB prototyping equipment is capable of creating traces and spacing as small as 100 μm (4 mil), includes a solid granite-based construction, automated fiducial alignment camera, ceramic base vacuum table, solder paste dispensing and 2.5D pocket milling capabilities as standard features on the new 60,000 RPM ProtoMat S64 model. The ProtoMat S104 model adds a higher speed 100,000 RPM variable speed spindle motor and high-precision copper thickness sensor probe as additional standard features which are ideal for more sensitive materials such as PTFE or ceramic filled PTFE for RF/MW applications. With an automatic tool change and depth sensor, the cut depth can be precisely and automatically controlled with zero operator interaction – the first truly set-it-and-forget-it automated PCB prototyping machines ever.

Additionally, LPKF will showcase the first-ever table-top version of the popular ProtoLaser series; the ProtoLaser ST. The ProtoLaser ST is a compact rapid prototyping laser system. The advanced laser technology and optics result in shortened development time and simple data handling for rapid surface metal removal, making the ProtoLaser ST an ideal solution for RF and microwave PCBs and a complementary partner to any ProtoMat mechanical milling system.

KrytarKRYTAR - Booth 825
KRYTAR will be showcasing their new breakthrough directional coupler which offers some of widest frequency coverage on the market. Model 1100110010 maintains flat 10 dB coupling across a wide 100 GHz bandwidth. The new directional coupler lends itself to wireless designs and many test and measurement applications for emerging mmWave and 5G markets. This coupler can also be manufactured to meet military specifications. The coupler will find many uses including power monitoring and leveling in many different systems, including antenna beamforming systems, electronic-warfare (EW) systems, electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) testing, radar systems, and many wireless communications systems. This new coupler further expands the KRYTAR family of directional couplers offering superior coupling performance.