MacomMacom - Booth 532
The rollout of 5G networks is significantly increasing the demand for RF products to support Basestation, Test and Measurement, Radar, and Satellite Communications applications. Building on past VSAT and point-to-point communication deployments, the large-scale deployment of millimeterwave commercial products is well underway. MACOM’s over 65-year legacy of innovation has enabled the industry’s broadest portfolio of millimeterwave MMICs, amplifiers, switches, diodes and transistors for the entire RF signal chain. With our state-of-the-art technology and trusted high-performance products, we’re helping customers achieve leading bandwidth, power, packaging and reliability.

MarkiMarki Microwave - Booth #830
Marki Microwave introduces their first 50 GHz surface mount products, the MM1-1850HSM and MM1-1850SSM double-balanced mixers. These GaAs MMIC mixers offer wide bandwidths and high linearity in a proprietary surface mount package. With an RF bandwidth of 18 to 50 GHz and IF of DC to 21 GHz these are ideally suited for electronic warfare, radar, multi-band 5G, and other K/Ka-band applications. Both mixers offer excellent spurious suppression with the MM1-1850SSM providing the highest linearity with +28 dBm IIP3. The MM1-1850HSM and MM1-1850SSM are offered in a 4x4 mm SMT package. Evaluation boards are also available.

MBTMassachusetts Bay Technologies (MBT) - Booth #116
MBT, a leader in the RF/Microwave diode, capacitor, thin film resistor, thin film spiral inductor & thin film AlN attenuator pad marketplace, now includes full thin film circuit capabilities in their portfolio. MBT has the knowledge and factory infrastructure to support & supply any standard or custom thin film design. Send them your requirements to see how MBT supports you all the way from design inception to meeting your desired costs. Their knowledge and quality cost-cutting methods put MBT first for Thin Film.

  • CAD Design
  • Thin Film Circuit Design
  • Photomask Layout & Design
  • Photolithography
  • Substrates
  • Vias
  • Plating
  • Sputtering of Resistor Films
  • Polyamides
  • Laser Trimming
  • Dicing
  • First Article Inspections

MathWorks – Booth #1336
MathWorks will be presenting its latest capabilities and workflows for designing and testing RF, wireless communications, and Radar systems at the show. MathWorks experts will deliver four Industry Workshops, which are 2-hour technical seminars that provide insight into leading edge technologies through in-depth presentations, demonstrations, and interactive engagement with attendees. The session topics are:

  • Hybrid Beamforming for 5G Systems
  • Introduction to the 5G NR Physical Layer Standard
  • Antenna, Array Design and Prototyping Using MATLAB
  • Automotive Radar IQ Data Simulation for Performance Analysis

MathWorks engineers will be on hand to answer questions and provide demonstrations on a range of topics, including:

  • New interactive waveform generation and analysis for testing 5G, 802.11ax, and LTE-A systems using MATLAB and RF instruments
  • Deep learning for communications and radar systems 
  • Installed antenna analysis and design space exploration using surrogate optimization techniques
  • Radar system design and interfacing with radar hardware for data collection and processing

MauryMaury - Booth 618
Maury Microwave will be showcasing it’s MT2000 mixed-signal active harmonic load pull system, which has been designed for 5G FR1 and FR2 device characterization up to 40 GHz.  The MT2000 enables wideband impedance control over a bandwidth up to 1000 MHz for multi-channel 5G load pull measurements, and can accurately measure power, efficiency ACPR and EVM with its low noise floor and receiver sensitivity. The MT2000 offers the simplest configuration and ease-of-use based on a fully integrated and turnkey architecture.  Also showcased will be AMCAD’s AM3100 high-power pulsed SMUs are the perfect pulsed-bias supply and acquisition instrumentation for pulsed load pull and general-purpose test and measurement applications.  The AM3100 can operate up to 120V and 30A pulsed with pulse widths down to 1 us.  It includes internal and external synchronization and triggering and can be controlled through direct SCPI commands via USB or Ethernet.   The AM3100 includes multiple levels of protection circuitry including a fast short-circuit current breaker (e-fuse).

Menlo MicroMenlo Micro – Booth #191
Menlo Micro will showcase its latest products at MTT-IMS. Here’s what the company will demonstrate:

  • Demo boards of its latest high-power RF switches, the MM5120 and MM5130, which have ultra-low insertion loss up to 18 GHz. In some cases, 0.5 dB to 1.0 dB better than solid-state switches.
  • The extreme linearity and harmonic performance of its micromechanical devices, in many cases 30 to 40 dB better IP3 and harmonics than solid-state. Menlo Micro will also conduct demonstrations of the devices’ high-power handling capability, up to 25 W, and their performance at high temperatures.
  • In collaboration with industry partners, Menlo Micro will show off some of the early applications of these high-performance switches, including very low-loss switched filter banks, which can be applied to both military and commercial applications.
  • Menlo Micro will also provide the latest updates on reliability and production ramp

MicianMician – Booth #418
Mician software products are geared towards rapid development of passive RF components in aerospace and telecommunications. The software’s hybrid EM solver guarantees fast and accurate simulation of passive components, feed networks and antennas. Typical applications include horn and reflector antennas, feed clusters, OMTs, polarizers, circulators, waveguide and combline filters, multiplexers, couplers and more. Integrated COM/VBA interfaces support external control and third-party add-ons. Customers around the globe rely on Mician’s software products as a powerful tool for synthesis, analysis and optimization of microwave assemblies.

The latest release includes new features such as interactive tuning support in 64-bit mode and accelerated COM calls to modeler by kernel and 3D viewer. It allows extrapolation down to DC to include f=0 GHz point for time domain analysis, the modeler as well as the overall performance was improved. The building block libraries with already more than 400 predefined building blocks have also been extended.

MicrochipMicrochip - Booth #338
Microchip is excited to showcase its new MMIC, VCSO and GaN products. They will be demonstrating best-in-class low phase noise voltage-controlled SAW oscillators. Their highest performance VCSO (pn 101765) achieves -160 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz offset @ 600 MHz while their smallest VCSO (pn VS-800) is packaged in an ultra-small 5 mm x 3.2 mm x 1.8 mm and achieves -125 dBc/Hz @ 10 KHz offset @ 1.568 GHz. They are also showcasing high power GaN in plastic DFN surface mount package for commercial avionics applications.  They will demonstrate combining in parallel two of these 850 W plastic GaN devices to achieve 1600 Watts of output power. Finally, they will introduce new wideband high linearity power amplifier MMICs that are ideal for test and measurement and wideband military applications up from 30 kHz to 24 GHz.  These MMICs are packaged in a 4.5 mm QFN SMT package and achieve over 35 dBm OIP3.

NI AWRNational Instruments/AWR - Booth #930
The race to commercialize the many forms of 5G—faster broadband, mobility, and the Internet of Things (IoT)—is compelling RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave researchers and practitioners to take a smarter approach to microwave design and test. This new approach involves rethinking workflows.  

When development occurs in silos, information is not adequately shared across organizations. The NI software-defined platform prevents development in isolation by empowering teams to streamline concept-to-production workflows with interoperable software, such as the NI AWR Design Environment and LabVIEW. With these tools, organizations can accelerate product development, meet new and evolving test requirements, and manage aggressive time-to-market and schedule pressures.  

NI AWR software addresses 5G, IoT, and radar applications in numerous technical talks at IMS2019. Demonstrations in the booth will highlight key features and applications such as:

  • MMIC/RFIC, Module, & PCB Design Flows
  • RF Amplifier & Filter Design
  • 5G, IoT, & Radar Systems Design
  • EM Analysis & Antenna Design

NI AWR software will also be showcased throughout the week within microwave application seminars (MicroApps) and industry workshops. Select topics include:

  • Advanced Synthesis, EM Simulation of IoT Antenna 
  • EM Simulation in RFIC Silicon and Glass-Based Circuits
  • Designing a Narrowband Bandpass Filter for 5G Applications 
  • Point Ports: A New EM Port for Board Simulations 
  • Design, Fab and Test Your Own Microwave Component 
  • Design Phased-Array Antennas for MIMO Applications 

NI’s industry-leading portfolio of modular hardware and extensive ecosystem of partners and users show that no other company is more invested in helping engineers achieve smart device ambitions. As the wireless industry moves toward building a connected world on 5G, we’re ready to help you design and test them.  

NoisewaveNoisewave – Booth #883
NoiseWave announced the NW1G18-LM miniature calibrated noise source which will be displayed at the show.  The NW1G18-LM features broadband frequency coverage from 1 to 18 GHz. Designed in an industry standard small package, 0.53x0.62x0.25 in excluding field replaceable connectors, the device offers a minimum of 25 dB ENR with spectral flatness of +/- 1.25 dB. The unit operates from +15 Vdc and typically draws less than 15 mA.  Custom models are also available. Ideal for built-in test integration include noise figure measurement, dithering for increased dynamic range of A/D converters and as an economical source of broadband power and signal to noise ratio testing. The NW1G18-LM is ideal for wireless test applications and covers all major wireless and CATV applications.

NordenNorden – Booth #1306
Norden Millimeter offers converters and transceivers for military and commercial applications including 5G, Airborne, UAV and EW.  Norden offers COTS models for quick to market solutions and provides custom designs which utilize proven, low risk solutions.  Our products operate in frequency bands from 500 MHz to 110 GHz.  Features which can be included are temperature compensation, variable gain, internal LO and matched phase between channels.  Norden products have passed stringent environmental test conditions and provide operating temperature ranges -55C to +85C. Their state-of-the-art NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 is a dual conversion Transceiver providing 2-18 GHz operation in a versatile low-SWaP 3U VPX module. The NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 includes internal LOs which provide an instantaneous IF bandwidth of 1 GHz and exceptional Noise Figure. Norden can customize the NUDC2-18/1.3-2.3 for your specific requirements.

NXPNXP - Booth #548
NXP introduces new 5G multi-chip modules, enabling high performance and integration for mMIMO systems. These ease of use products offer 50-ohm input/output and pin-compatibility between all frequency bands and power levels for full design re-use and fast time to market. NXP complements its 5G RF portfolio with a new generation of mmWave beamforming front-end ICs. The four-channel devices have an optimal trade-off between linearity, output power, efficiency and thermal performance to enable industry-leading phased array antenna systems. Our 5G solutions offer the industry’s highest levels of integration and performance for enabling wireless infrastructure.

PasternackPasternack – Booth #1273
Pasternack continues to add to its RF coax adapter line-up with new 1.0mm, 1.85mm, 2.4mm 2.92mm, SMP, Mini SMP and 4.3/10 adapters to address the growing need for 5G and mmWave R&D, testing and production applications. These high frequency adapters feature precision manufactured construction and high quality materials and support frequencies up to 110 GHz (model dependent). In-series as well as between-series connector options are offered and both in-line and right-angle options are available for most series. Additionally, the vast majority of these adapters are REACH and RoHS compliant. All of Pasternack’s high frequency adapters and in stock and available for immediate shipment.

PixusPixus Technologies - Booth #108
As the Microwave/RF industry moves to more open standard architectures, prototyping/test systems will be required for fast and efficient product development. Pixus will be displaying one of their new VITA 67 open frame test/dev chassis for OpenVPX.  The VITA 67 specification defines RF signaling across the open standard backplane architecture.  The versatile Pixus chassis allows either 3U or 6U boards of various configurations to be tested. 

Pixus will also display a rugged Software Defined Radio (SDR) based on X310 from Ettus Research, a National Instruments brand.  The weatherproof, rugged enclosure features IP67 sealing for water and dust ingress.  The Pixus RX310 contains two extended bandwidth daughterboard slots covering 10 MHz – 6 GHz with up to 160 MHz of baseband bandwidth, dual 1/10 GigE high-speed interfaces, and a large user-programmable Kintex-7 FPGA.  The RX310 series can be used in various types of airborne, shipboard, ground vehicle, or outdoor designs.

Planar Monolithics Industries – Booth #859
PMI with display Model No. PS-2G18G-360-8D that is a 2.0 to 18.0 GHz, 8-Bit, Vector Phase Shifter making that is ideal for frequency translation where continuous monotonic phase shifting is required.  This model also features high speed switching, and typically lower than 60 dB harmonic distortion.  Other specifications include Insertion Loss: 18.0 dB maximum, Phase Shift Range:  360°, Switching Speed:  500 ns Max - Measured 410 ns, Control Slopes:  Linear, Phase Vs Frequency:  ±15° Typical - Measured ±15.39°, RF Input Power:  +20 dBm CW, 1 W maximum, VSWR:  2.2:1 maximum - Measured 1.79:1 (50 Ohm System) and Power Supply:  ±12 V to ±15 V @ ±100 mA maximum, Measured +15V @ 63 mA, Measured -15V @ 76 mA. Unit size is 4.25" x 3.50" x 1.00" with SMA (F) RF Connectors and DC-37P, Sub Miniature D Multi-Pin Control & Power Connector.

QorvoQorvo - Booth #806
Qorvo will be presenting the latest in RF innovation at IMS 2019. Qorvo’s Infrastructure and Defense Products have been at the forefront of new technology for defense, 5G, smart homes and the IoT. This year in Boston, Qorvo will be featuring the latest product advancements for small cell, massive MIMO, 5G & mmWave base stations, and market-leading GaN solutions for defense. Qorvo’s product portfolio has expanded to include innovative solutions for 5G and small cells, the industry-leading 10W GaN PA (TGA2222), the QPA1022D and more. Learn more about GaN, 5G and how Qorvo is enabling the technologies that Connect and Protect™ the world around you.

ReactelReactel - Booth #471
Celebrating its 40th Anniversary, Reactel will feature its full line of Filters, Multiplexers & Multifunction Assemblies covering up to 50 GHz.  Supporting Military, Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Research needs, they can design a unit that is right for you.  From small, lightweight units suitable for flight or portable systems to high power units capable of handling up to 25 kW, connectorized or surface mount, large or small quantities - our talented engineers can design a unit specifically for your application and deliver quickly.  Visit them to discuss your requirements and visit with our Engineering team.

RemcomRemcom – Booth 1012
Remcom will be demonstrating its EM simulation software suite for complete end-to-end design of complex devices and wireless communication systems.  Together, the products provide a comprehensive 5G solution, from system and antenna design through performance assessment in realistic, simulated environments, and planning for deployment in 5G networks.

  • MIMO and Array Design
  • 5G Urban Small Cells
  • Fixed Wireless Access
  • Indoor Wireless Applications

New features in XFdtd simplify 5G antenna array design; performance metrics for 5G beam steering applications enable engineers to confidently prepare their devices for the challenging demands of 5G networks. Wireless InSite's ray-tracing capabilities determine multipath propagation through a 3D environment, including diffuse scattering at millimeter waves.  MIMO techniques including antenna diversity, spatial multiplexing, and beamforming make Wireless InSite a powerful tool for determining whether a device will meet 5G performance requirements in a realistic operating environment.

RF LambdaRF Lambda - Booth #650
In recent years RF-Lambda has developed a new Beam Forming System production line. These systems cover a range of frequencies, from sub-GHz to 18 GHz, with a number of elements ranging from 16 to 64 to meet a variety of beam width requirements. All antenna systems have a built in T/R Module—with PA’s, LNA’s, and phase shifters. RF-Lambda combined its state-of-the-art design capability for both power amplifiers and transceivers into these phased array systems, creating devices that are higher power and higher sensitivity than market competition. The unit in the demonstration is their 6 to 18 GHz 4x4 element system. This system has an equivalent output power of over 1000 W with a noise figure below 3 dB. It was designed for jamming systems but can also be used for radar and communication applications.  It can be easily extended to an 8 x 8 system for narrower beams and higher power as needed.

ResponseResponse Microwave – Booth #730
Response Microwave, Inc., a global specialist in providing RF/Microwave customer solutions, is announced the availability of a new waveguide to coax adaptor for use in antenna Tx/Rx applications that will be featured at the show. The new model RMAD.BS.W137Nf operates over the 5.85-8.2 GHz band with typical electrical performance of 0.25 dB max insertion loss, and 1.10:1 max VSWR. Power handling is 50 W CW. The unit is operational over the -10° to +85° C range and mechanical package is 2.7 x 1.75 x 0.94 in with precision SS/P type N female connector and WR137 flange. Alternate bands and connectors are available on request.

RFICRFIC - Booth #896
RFIC Solutions will launch two state-of-the-art MMIC SoC products for the advanced 5G Network. The first product in the ARNA series, Front End Beamformer, ARNAFE01 is a highly integrated MMIC covering 24-30 GHz RF band with complete solution for single front end beamforming for 5G, SATCOM phased array antenna system.  The second product, ARNAUD01, Up/down converter MMIC chip which down or up converts RF, 24-30 GHz to or from much lower IF Bands, 2-6 GHz with LO multiplier chain in built.

RFMWRFMW - Booth #850
RFMW is the premier pure play technical distributor of RF & Microwave components, semiconductors, passive devices, RF interconnect and T&M accessories. On the IMS2019 show floor they are highlighting high power GaN devices for 5G infrastructure and Aerospace & Defense from Qorvo, 5 GHz BAW filters from Akoustis, Ampleon amplifiers for RF Energy and Avionics, filter technologies to 60 GHz, 5G switching solutions, MEMS and crystal-based timing solutions, custom RF cable assemblies and more. They offer value add services and design solutions through a focused technical sales and marketing organization ready to support your RF component engineering efforts. From antenna to baseband, RFMW is your source for RF and Microwave solutions.

RLCRLC – Booth #256
RLC Electronics continues to invest in its surface mount technology to add to its extensive capabilities across multiple product lines.  Their surface mount electro-mechanical switch product enhancements include both SPDT and DPDT offerings, operating up to as high as 26.5 GHz.  Units are offered in both Failsafe and Latching Operating Modes, and recent upgrades to the product line include the option of adding a TTL control or Indicator circuitry into our miniature package (0.625” x 0.625” x 0.40”).   RLC’s continues to expand its surface mount filter line as well, offering lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch filters in both pin style packages as well as PCB versions. Filter technology supports both low frequency (UHF) and L/S/C bands with lumped topology, as well as up to K-band with surface mount cavity technology.

R&SR&S - Booth #642
Rohde & Schwarz will be demonstrating the latest bench and field solutions for signal generation and analysis in the RF, microwave and millimeter wave range. Featured demos and new products include:

  • 5G device characterization using the R&S®ATS1000 Antenna Test System
  • Beamforming test solutions using the multi-port R&S®ZNBT Vector Network Analyzer
  • The new high-end R&S®ZNA Vector Network Analyzer
  • Wideband signal analysis with the R&S®FSW
  • High sensitivity, pulse and additive phase noise measurements using the R&S®FSWP Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester
  • Wideband multi-channel signal generation with the R&S®SMW
  • The performance leading R&S®SMA100B RF and Microwave Analog Signal Generator

Stop by to see their latest tools performing some of the most challenging measurements for the radar, satellite, automotive and wireless communications industries.

SageSAGE Millimeter, Inc. - Booth #258
SAGE Millimeter now offers products for mmWave ATE setups that need to calibrate and test at different power levels. This need can be achieved by a highly repeatable programmable attenuator. It is a mechanical-based solution that handles 1W and reduces non-linearities in a super-high dynamic range setup. SAGE Millimeter’s instrumentation grade 2.4 mm Programmable Attenuator family encompasses these needs. Model STA-0005036010-2F2F-P7 covers DC to 50 GHz with attenuation levels between 0 to 60 dB in 10 dB steps. The operation is enabled by uC-disciplined inductive actuators, driven by a +24V voltage and 5V TTL control signals. The fast switching time, less than 25 ms, and long life, 1 million cycles per switch, makes this product and the others in SAGE’s Coaxial Programmable Attenuators family the perfect companion in complex ATE setups. It's also quite compact, measuring at only 3.5"x1.6"x0.9”. The product will be available at IMS.

SignalCoreSignalCore – Booth #274
SignalCore will feature their 6 GHz Single Channel Signal Sources: the SC5507A and SC5508A are from their PSG line of signal sources, providing tunable frequency range from True DC to 6.25 GHz, with resolution of 1 MHz. Its amplitude range is typically between -50 dBm to 15 dBm, stepping at 0.01 dB. The harmonics are typically < -35 dBc and the phase noise at 5 GHz CW is typically -125 dBc/Hz@10kHz. These devices incorporate a 1MHz to 6 GHz power sensor with a measurement range from -25 and 15 dBm with accuracies of better than 0.50 dB. The signal purity, wide frequency range, large amplitude range, and power sensing make these devices ideal for applications ranging from digital clocking to LO sources, as well as in applications requiring stimulus and sense in a compact and rugged form factor.

Signal HoundSignal Hound - Booth #123
Signal Hound will have two new products on display at IMS – the VSG60A vector signal generator (50 MHz - 6 GHz), and the SM200B high-performance spectrum analyzer, which tunes from 100 kHz - 20 GHz. The VSG60A vector signal generator is a small, pocket-sized device capable of producing many of the complex signals used in today’s ever-evolving wireless communications industry, featuring 40 MHz of streaming modulation bandwidth and an arbitrary sampling rate. The VSG60A connects to a Windows PC via USB and is controlled by software running on the PC.

The SM200B is the next iteration of Signal Hound’s popular SM200A high-performance spectrum analyzer. Tuning from 100 kHz to 20 GHz with 1 THz sustained sweep speeds, a 20 MHz to 20 GHz sub-octave preselector, and 110 dB of dynamic range, the SM200B now offers 160 MHz of segmented I/Q capture for even more analysis capabilities.

SkyworksSkyworks Solutions – Booth #424
Skyworks is an innovator of high performance innovative analog semiconductors whose solutions are connecting people, places and things spanning a number of new and previously unimagined applications within the aerospace, automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, connected home, industrial, medical, military, smartphone, tablet and wearable markets.  Skyworks will be showcasing its industry leading IoT, infrastructure and aerospace and defense solutions as well as hosting an active demonstration of their SKY12245-492LF high power switches for wireless infrastructure applications.

SWMicrowaveSouthwest Microwave – Booth #344
Southwest Microwave manufacturers a broad range of high-performance microwave connectors and adapters, available from DC to 110 GHz, for hi-rel / space, defense, instrumentation, integrated-circuit and PCB evaluation applications. Built in the USA to rigorous performance and quality standards, Southwest Microwave interconnect solutions deliver the industry's lowest VSWR, insertion loss and RF leakage. Featured products include:

  • New board-mounted, solderless vertical launch connectors providing excellent signal integrity for microstrip and grounded coplanar waveguide designs. Available in 1.0mm (W) DC to 110 GHz, 1.85mm (V) DC to 67 GHz and 2.92mm (K) DC to 40 GHz configurations.
  • Precision adapters, delivering invisible impact to signal transmission with high repeatability and accuracy. The economical within- and between-series adapters are ideal as connector savers for Hi-Rel applications.

SynergySynergy – Booth #750
Synergy Microwave has developed product customization technologies to produce market equivalent, low noise oscillators for products, which are currently becoming obsolete by their OEM.  These techniques allow oscillators based on SAW, DRO, ceramic, crystal, MEMS to achieve incredibly low phase noise performance in familiar package styles and footprints.  In addition to product equivalents, there are new topologies permitting greater than octave performance while still maintaining low noise characteristics.  Aside from these market replacements, Synergy offers fixed frequency reference sources and phase locked sources with excellent noise performance, especially close in to the carrier.  For your applications that require low phase noise frequency sources, call us and speak to our Sales and Applications Managers.

TeledyneTeledyne - Booth #1124
Teledyne Defense Electronics will be joined by several Teledyne business units including Teledyne Labtech, Teledyne RF & Microwave, Teledyne TWT Products, Teledyne Relays, Teledyne Storm Microwave, Teledyne e2v Semiconductors Teledyne e2v RF Power – Defence, and Teledyne Scientific.  The Featured Products in the booth will cover many of Teledyne’s comprehensive MW/RF portfolio of advanced products and capabilities, including:

  • First K-Band capable Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC)
  • New 1.35 mm cable connector to 90 GHz from Storm – the TSM SFO47EW
  • Breakthrough PCB Thermal Management using copper coin technology from Labtech
  • Amps, RF Modules, & Components with industry-leading SWaP from RF & Microwave
  • Compact, high power Q and Ka-Band TWTs
  • MPMs, compact Helix TWTs, Multifunctional MW Assemblies, and RF Receiver Protection
  • New 5G RF Switches from Teledyne Relays
  • InP power amps with leading BW and Efficiency from Teledyne Scientific

TMDTMD - Booth #1330
TMD Technologies will be showcasing its latest microwave products featuring their state-of-the-art high-power sub-systems for radar, EW, and other defence/homeland security programs. Their latest instrumentation amplifier solutions for EMC, threat simulation, and other scientific applications will also be displayed. They will be showing their new line of Ka-band TWT MPMs, exemplified by the PTX8807, as well as the new lightweight PTXM2000 compact high power MPM, solid state PTS6900 and other ultra-compact TWT based MPMs from the PTXM Series.

  • PTX8807 operates from 30-40 GHz with a power output of 200 W
  • PTXM2000 operates from 6-18 GHz at 200 W
  • PTX8815 TWTA covers 34–36 GHz with a peak power of over 1100 W in the mid-band, and 600 W at the band edges with a maximum duty of up to 12%
  • PTS6900 MPM employs advanced GaN MMIC technology, and offers high performance over a 2-6 GHz range with an output power of 150 W
  • Operating in the X-band, the new travelling wave tube based PTX8430 and PTX8501 have a power output of 1 kW over the frequency range 9-10 GHz with duty cycles of 5 and 10% respectively and 55 dB gain
  • PTXM Series ultra-compact MPMs feature low volume and low and operate from 4.5 to 18 GHz with output powers up to 140 W
  • PTCM Series TWT intelligent instrumentation amplifiers operate over a frequency range from DC to 40 GHz with a power output up to 50 kW

TRM will be featuring the DL202 that is part of TRM’s line of 2-Way Ferrite Transformer Dividers and used in a variety of signal routing and processing systems for Early Warning Detection and Signal Exploitation in Military Airborne and Shipboard applications. Frequency range is 0.1 – 100 MHz, featuring high isolation and low loss. Lumped element based circuit technology allows for a compact housing to be applied for all frequency bands offered in the series. TRM will customizable to your spec requirements also.

UMSUMS – Booth #516
UMS has introduced a new 24.25-30.5 GHz multi-purpose integrated Power Front-End available in a 4x5 QFN low cost plastic package. This is particularly targeted for emerging 5G applications. This novel approach, gathering a high linearity RF transmitter, a switch and a very low noise RF receiver, is available in a standard plastic package. The Tx provides 33dB gain and exhibits 2W RF output power with 22% efficiency by using different technologies, 0.15µm GaN on Silicon carbide and 0.15µm GaAs. The Rx features 18 dB gain with a 3.5 dB Noise Figure. The circuit consumption is low at 3 W for 23 dBm Pout. This compact Front-End, perfectly suited for 5G fixed wireless access applications, is also compatible with telecom Phased Array Antennas, Time Division Duplex systems and high throughput fixed access wireless.

WenzelWenzel Associates – Booth #680
Wenzel Associates’ instruments combine industry leading Ultra-Low phase noise performance with standard 19” rack mount configurations (1U, 2U, 3U and 5U). A variety of standard rack source solutions are available with pre-configured output frequencies, but custom solutions are also available up to 8U. These units deliver superior performance at a lower cost than a variable low noise frequency synthesizer with the flexibility of providing only the fixed frequencies needed for requirement. Frequency outputs up to 26 GHz are available with Ultra-Low or Golden phase noise performance options are available. Multiple frequencies and multiple outputs are provided as needed as well as phase locking with an external reference. Each instrument includes a low noise power supply and/or low noise voltage regulators to help minimize power supply line related spurs, and provides clean power to drive the internal oscillators and modules.