Modelithics, Inc. today announced support for additional electronic design automation (EDA) tools with the new Modelithics Library™ for the Cadence® Spectre® RF Option and Virtuoso® RF Solution. The library was developed through collaboration with Cadence Design Systems, Inc. to make Modelithics Microwave Global Models™ available to designers using these Cadence solutions.

The new Modelithics Library, v19.1, brings an extensive collection of precision measurement-based, scalable RF and microwave simulation models to designers. The Modelithics Library for Cadence contains over 300 models for commercially-available capacitor, inductor and resistor series from over 25 popular vendors. In total, the library represents over 17,000 individual components. 

Once installed, the models are accessible through the Library Manager window in the Cadence Virtuoso custom IC design platform and are easily placed into the schematic. The models offer extensive capabilities above and beyond those of simple S-parameter models. The advanced equivalent circuit models, or Modelithics Microwave Global Models, represent entire component families and feature substrate scaling, PCB pad scaling, part value scaling, statistical analysis and more. The models have multiple input parameters for specifying various design properties and accurately simulating the parts, including parasitics over wide frequency ranges according to the input parameters.

Modelithics President and CEO Larry Dunleavy stated, “Customer demand has driven this effort to provide Modelithics advanced model libraries for transient as well as frequency domain simulations of modules, packages and assemblies that include off-chip components, within the Cadence Virtuoso custom IC design platform. This successful collaboration with Cadence will bring new capabilities and first-pass design success to RF and microwave circuit designers using the Cadence Spectre RF Option and Virtuoso RF Solution.”

“With more customers working on next-generation RF products for 5G, autonomous vehicles, and other vertical markets, there is a growing need for a comprehensive library of RF components for simulation,” said Vinod Kariat, corporate vice president of research and development at Cadence. “This collaboration with Modelithics enables Cadence Spectre RF Option and Virtuoso RF Solution customers to run accurate and efficient design simulations.”

For more information about this new release or to request a free trial, please visit the Cadence MVP landing page on the Modelithics website:, or contact us at

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