Pivotal Commware, inventor of Holographic Beam Forming®, and MACOM announced MACOM’s mmWave products are designed in Pivotal’s Echo 5G product line, which improves mmWave coverage in buildings.

The Echo 5G, which is window-mounted and installed by the user, overcomes what Pivotal Commware calls the biggest obstacle to fixed 5G wireless access at millimeter waves — in-building penetration of Gbps broadband to homes and businesses. With little power consumption, Holographic Beam Forming enables the Echo 5G to compensate for low emissivity glass coatings and multiple panes of glass and maintain low weight and size on the window. MACOM’s GaAs and AlGaAs mmWave technology helps achieve this performance.

5G at mmWave is addressing the explosive demand for coverage and throughput of broadband wireless, with data rates above 1 Gbps. To meet the short time-to-market, cost and performance requirements, RF device suppliers must work closely with system architects to design the optimum solution for the end application.

Pivotal Commware is the creator of Holographic Beam Forming, an antenna technology that expands the capacity and spectral efficiency of the 5G ecosystem, from base stations to network and subscriber devices. The Echo 5G product line leverages Holographic Beam Forming’s lowest cost, size, weight and power consumption profile to help network operators improve performance, reduce cost and compete in new markets.

“Power handling, efficiency, insertion loss and channel isolation are major challenges for RF components at mmWave frequencies. We believe that MACOM’s products and technology overcomes these challenges and will ensure that the Echo 5G product line facilitates not only 5G fixed wireless in-building penetration and subscriber self-installation, but also the cost-effective extension, redirection and shaping of 5G network coverage on demand and with low latency. Carriers will see huge savings on base station deployment CAPEX and on the OPEX that goes with them. With the Echo 5G product line, wireless carriers achieve the cost economics allowing them to effectively compete against wired broadband service incumbents.” — Brian Deutsch, CEO of Pivotal Commware

“MACOM offers a unique value proposition to broadband service providers through its multiple mmWave RF components. We believe that Pivotal’s Echo 5G subscriber and network products will be game changers for the wireless carriers who deploy them. MACOM’s broad portfolio of amplification, signal generation and control components across the microwave and mmWave spectrum, coupled with our unmatched heterolithic integration capabilities, offer the industry’s lowest insertion loss and best noise figure, providing superior reception for macrocell basestations and fixed wireless access points.” — John Croteau, MACOM president and CEO