FMCW Radar Design

FMCW Radar Design

M. Jankiraman

This worthwhile book is a general radar text discussing many aspects of radar design, with emphasis on practical issues. The special coverage of FMCW stems from the author’s long defense experience. Recent interest in automotive radars, most of which utilize Linear FMCW, enhances the value of the book.

-Professor Nadav Levanon,
Dept. of Electrical Engineering–Systems,
Tel-Aviv University, Israel

Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radars are a fast expanding area in radar technology due to their stealth features, extremely high resolutions and relatively clutter free displays. This groundbreaking resource offers engineers expert guidance in designing narrowband FMCW radars for surveillance, navigation and missile seeking. It also provides professionals with a thorough understanding of underpinnings of this burgeoning technology. Moreover, readers find detailed coverage of the RF components that form the basis of radar construction. Featuring clear examples, the book presents critical discussions on key applications.

Practitioners learn how to use time-saving MATLAB® and SystemVue design software to help them with their challenging projects in the field. Additionally, this authoritative reference shows engineers how to analyze FMCW radars of various types, including missile seekers and missile altimeters. Packed with over 600 equations, the book presents discussions on key radar algorithms and their implementation, as well as designing modern radar to meet given operational requirements.

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