Keysight Technologies is offering a new service model, called KeysightCare, that offers design and test engineers dedicated, proactive support for instruments, software and solutions.

Not maintaining equipment can lead to costly errors that delay product development and put a customer's potential market advantages at risk. Addressing this issue starts with keeping equipment up-to-date with the latest software and current calibration. KeysightCare provides this assurance, while offering access to a range of resources such as technical experts, training materials, productivity tools, knowledge centers and success managers, intended to speed customer innovation and accelerate product time-to-market.

KeysightCare provides:

  • A choice of service-level agreements that prioritize support and deliver rapid response via a dedicated portal tracking support cases and offering access to relevant expert information.
  • Improved predictability of projects, with scheduled calibration of test equipment and certified precision to support the demands of the latest industry applications and standards.
  • Insight into potential issues before they might happen, with proactive notifications of the latest software and firmware updates and access to online resources such as the Keysight Knowledge Center and productivity tools.
  • Enhanced productivity of engineering teams through dedicated access to experts with knowledge and understanding of current and changing technologies, as well as industry standards.

KeysightCare is offered in three service levels: Assured, Enhanced and Performance:

KeysightCare Assured Delivers Fast Support

The KeysightCare Assured service level offers committed response times to get customers the technical answers they need. A customer portal provides access to a cloud-based knowledge base containing the latest information, developed through decades of R&D and test experience, plus online support to manage service requests, with access to advice related to test and measurement challenges.

KeysightCare Assured will be enabled on some products shipping after December 3, 2018.

KeysightCare Enhanced Delivers Priority Support

The KeysightCare Enhanced service level enables customers avoid costly errors and delays with ongoing calibration, personalized support and faster response time, with a customer service manager focused on identifying procedures, test expert or equipment updates needed to address a specific challenge.

KeysightCare Performance Delivers Enterprise Support

The KeysightCare Performance service level is for customers focused on being first to market or who have mission-critical projects. It offers the benefits of the other tiers, adding emergency access to support outside normal business hours and on-site services designed to keep customers efficiently operating from design to manufacturing.

"Our customers need to meet a faster technology development cycle. They cannot be late due to delays caused by lack of software and hardware updates, test equipment failure, test methodology questions or equipment calibration requirements. KeysightCare offers enhanced service levels that will enable engineers to deliver better, faster results, consistently." — John Page, president of Keysight Global Services