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From Engineer to Manager: Mastering the Transition, Second Edition

B. Michael Aucoin

This book is a must-read if you’re an engineer, an upward-bound engineer thinking about transitioning to a leadership position in management, a professional in any discipline pursuing a future in management or a student.

It offers clear and understandable fundamentals for transitioning from engineer to leadership in management—no seven steps to utopia, but guidelines that clearly define the requirements. The author, B. Michael Aucoin, with his experience from practice and research is uniquely qualified—he provides you with what it takes to make a successful transition to leadership in management. Read it, study it and as you grow in leadership responsibility, use it as a reference.”

Gerard H. Gaynor, 3M Director of
Engineering, Retired; IEEE Life Fellow

Providing clear, expert guidance to help engineers make a smooth transition to the management team, this newly revised and updated edition of an Artech House bestseller belongs on every engineer’s reference shelf. The author’s 30-plus year perspective indicates that, while most engineers will spend the majority of their careers as managers, most are dissatisfied with the transition. Much of this frustration is the result of lack of preparation and training.

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Contents: Principle 1: Mastering Relationships; Principle 2: Seeing the Big Picture; Principle 3: Getting Things Done; Principle 4: Communicating Effectively; Principle 5: Using Assets Wisely; Principle 6: Taking It to the Next Level.

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