Fairview Microwave Inc. has released a new series of solderless vertical launch connectors that are ideal for high speed computing, high speed networking and telecommunications applications.

Fairview Microwave’s new line of vertical launch connectors is made-up of 12 models that deliver maximum operating frequency of up to 50 GHz and VSWR as low as 1.3:1, depending on the model. They are offered in male and female versions, covering 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm and SMA interfaces. These removable vertical launches feature a reusable clamp attachment and can be used for microstrip or stripline, and all models provide solderless installation. They also feature a gold-plated beryllium copper center contact, a stainless steel outer conductor and Polyetherimide (PEI) insulators. They are ideal for a variety of uses that include signal integrity measurements, multi-channel tests, semiconductor verification boards, high speed backplanes and SERDES applications.

“When compared to end launches, the VSWR of these new vertical launch PCB connectors minimizes the performance tradeoff. In turn, this offers customers the advantages of additional PCB real estate and easier access for their test cables,” said Dan Birch, product manager.

Fairview Microwave’s new solderless vertical launch connectors are in stock and ready for immediate shipment with no minimum order quantity.