Editor's Note: The following is a listing of product and service descriptions received from exhibitors who responded to a call for information. For a complete listing of exhibitors, see page 194.

Aeroflex RDL 1246

Aeroflex RDL will exhibit a new high dynamic range measurement technique for measuring ACP on 3G MCPAs.

Aeroflex RDL,
Conshohocken, PA (610) 825-3750.

AMCOM Communications Inc. 1706

AMCOM Communications Inc. introduces new GaAs FET MMIC power amplifiers. With features of wide bandwidth from 3 to 4 GHz, high output power and high gain, they are fully matched to 50 Ω input/output impedance. Supplied in a ceramic package at competitive low cost, they are suitable for wireless communication applications such as WLL, two-way radio and wireless Internet Access.

AMCOM Communications Inc.,
Clarksburg, MD (301) 353-8400.

American Technical Ceramics 738

ATC's new line of resistors, terminations and attenuators, designed for microwave and RF applications, are fabricated using non-toxic, environmentally safe aluminum nitride substrates in our ISO 9001 Registered facility. DC to 40 GHz. Typical power handling is 25 percent better than BeO. Low SWR and capacitance. Non-magnetic, no lead.

American Technical Ceramics,
Huntington Station, NY (631) 622-4700.

Ansoft Corp. 1119

Ansoft HFSS Version 8 full-wave finite element electromagnetic simulation software will be introduced. Ansoft HFSS enables engineers to design 3D HF structures such as microwave components, antennas and interconnect found in cellular telephones, broadband communications and microwave circuits. Version 8.0 contains Full-Wave™ Spice technology, broadening the market for Ansoft by addressing the needs of the high-speed digital designer, links to Ansoft's Optimetrics™ and AnsoftLinks for STEP/IGES.

Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200.

Applied Wave Research 1415

AWR is now shipping Microwave Office 2001. Microwave Office 2001 incorporates dramatic new features such as integrated design synthesis capabilities, specialty MMIC layout features, a new design automation interface and improved nonlinear simulation. In addition, AWR will be previewing the new Communications System Simulator. Come see us in booth 1415.

Applied Wave Research,
El Segundo, CA (310) 726-3000.

Astrolab Inc. 1046

Astrolab designs and manufactures passive microwave components including cables, connectors, cable assemblies, adapters, phase shifters and waveguide components for commercial, space and military requirements.

Astrolab Inc., Warren, NJ (732) 560-3800.

Barry Industries Inc. 134

Tru-Power RMS detectors will be exhibited. This true RMS passive surface mount power sensor is the newest in a line of innovative products. The compact thick film circuit is capable of directly measuring RF input power over a dynamic range of 25 dB. It requires a DC input of 5 V to bias the internal bridge circuitry with a typical current draw of 2 to 8 mA.

Barry Industries Inc.,
Attleboro, MA (508) 226-3350.

Besser Associates 131

Besser Associates, a leading international RF and wireless training organization, provides continuing education for RF, microwave and wireless professionals, offering onsite and public courses worldwide.

Besser Associates,
Mountain View, CA (650) 949-3300.

Brush Wellman 1141

Manufactures high power circuit packages which are CTE expansion matched for use with GaAs, Si, SiC and GaN materials in applications such as LDMOS, MMIC and HBT.

Brush Wellman,
Newburyport, MA (978) 463-6543.

BrushWellman 1141

Manufacturer of high performance copper/tungsten (Cu/W) heatsinks with thermal conductivity to 320 W/mK and a thermal expansion of 7.1 ppm/°C. Netshape, multi-level parts and irregular geometrics are offered.

BrushWellman, Tucson, AZ (520) 746-0251.

Circuits Processing Technology 1141

Manufactures etched thick film circuitry for RF, microwave and mm-wave applications. CPT's circuitry is frequency tested through 44 GHz and provides a 50 percent lower insertion loss than thin film.

Circuits Processing Technology,
Oceanside, CA (760) 941-9811.

Cirqon Technologies Corp. 1701

Cirqon introduces standard and custom leadless packages for RFIC applications. Cirpak® packages feature plated and bonded copper on ceramic for superior electrical and thermal conductivity. This technology is also ideal for RF modules and offers very low loss performance from DC to 50 GHz.

Cirqon Technologies Corp.,
Gurnee, IL (847) 360-1900.

CMC Wireless Components 1744

CMC's new "Ground Zero" co-fired aluminum nitride product line offers significant advantages over conventional RF packaging approaches for Power Transistors. With designs suitable for both LDMOS and Bipolar devices, Ground Zero offers superior thermal and electrical performance at a competitive cost.

CMC Wireless Components,
Phoenix, AZ (480) 496-5000.

Connecting Devices Inc. 1309

The company will feature 40 GHz SMP miniature blind-mate and the new reduced-size SSMP microminiature family of connectors plus SMA, SSMA, K™, TNC, N and the new 60 GHz V™ connectors, plus a complete line of hand-formable, flexible and semirigid cable assemblies.

Connecting Devices Inc.,
Long Beach, CA (562) 498-0901.

Cougar Components Corp. 1529

Come see Cougar's new web site, new cascade design software program and new products, including mixers, detectors and switches.

Cougar Components Corp.,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 522-3838.

Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. 1343

Delta Electronics has a full line of coaxial RF connectors ranging from the small MCX size to large high power LC/LT and 7/16 DIN's. We will be exhibiting some of our latest designs such as QDS, press-mount styles, polarized SMA and TNC's as well as edge launch connectors.

Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp.,
Beverly, MA (978) 927-1060.

Dielectric Laboratories 519

Single Layer and Multi Layer high performance ceramic capacitors. Full line of Broadand DC Blocking caps for microwave, RF and millimeter wave applications. Improved performance with higher voltage ratings for high power capacitors and all new CapCad V3 modeling software. DiPak® millimeter-wave ceramic packaging.

Dielectric Laboratories,
Cazenovia, NY (315) 655-8710.

Dorado International Corp. 1433

Many new products for LMDS (24 to 44 GHz) will be introduced, including 50 types of sector horn antennas, planar antenna, broadband microstrip and waveguide isolators and circulators as well as Dorado's standard waveguide, including attenuators, adaptors, couplers, bends, detectors, isolators, loads, shorts, phase shifters, straights, switches, tees, transitions, tuners and twists from 8.2 to 110 GHz.

Dorado International Corp.,
Seattle, WA (206) 574-0900.

Dow-Key Microwave 515

The high power Transfer Switch with 7/16 with 50 Ω 7/16 connectors can be operated up to 3 kW CW at 1200 MHz and 350 W CW at 3000 MHz. RF performance is outstanding with a SWR of 1.5, inserion loss of 0.3 dB and isolation of 65 dB min. This break-before-make latching design can be operated with 28 V DC with minimum current drawn. Application is for the wireless marketplace.

Dow-Key Microwave,
Ventura CA (805) 650-0260.

Eagleware Corp. 831

Eagleware is proudly demonstrating its new Genesys V7.5 software. The new version includes a powerful and affordable nonlinear simulator and the unique new s/filter advanced filter synthesis module. See us in Booth # 831.

Eagleware Corp.,
Norcross, GA (678) 291-0995.

EIC Corp. 1528

EIC Corp. designs and manufactures InGaP GaAs HBT components for wireless handsets and Infra structure applications through 6 GHz and down to 3 volt range. The company's product line includes a full range of RF building block components including power amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers and frequency converters. EIC Corp. has its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

EIC Corp., Fremont, CA (510) 979-8999.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products 1233

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, the recognized global leader for microwave absorbent materials, offers a new, cost-effective solution for your cavity resonance problems. Our ECCOSORB, Mold-In-Place (MIP) technology is the latest innovation in controlling unwanted interference and cavity resonance problems. Drop by our booth to witness the latest technolgoy to impact the market and discuss your application with us.

Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products, Randolph, MA (781) 961-9600.

Florida RF Labs Inc. 1039

Big on performance, big on value -- Florida RF Labs 150 W Coaxial Remote Termination features ultra low SWR of 1.1 (max) up to 2 GHz. A perfect match for your system requirements.

Florida RF Labs Inc.,
Stuart, FL (561) 286-9300.

GIL Technologies 1601

GML 1032.030 1/1 low loss copper clad laminate with "Controlled PIM" has been introduced as part of the GML 1000 family of products. GML 1032 offers a passive PIM rating of 135 dBc nominal. Although many factors contribute to PIM, GML 1032 can assist the antenna designer in meeting the requirements of today's market.

GIL Technologies,
Collierville, TN (800) 537-1306.

Gowanda Electronics 1831

Manufacturer of coils, inductors and related magnetic for the electronic industry. Visit our booth to view our new chip inductors in 1008, 0805 and 0603 sizes.

Gowanda Electronics,
Gowanda, NY (716) 532-2234.

Hittite Microwave Corp. 545

Hittite Microwave Corp. announces an ultra broadband high efficiency GaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (HBT) MMIC amplifier that operates from a single positive supply. Operating from DC to 7 GHz, and offering 12 dB small signal gain, the HMC315 is ideal for fiber optic OC-48 systems, microwave radio test instrumentation, or broadband mobile radio platforms.

Hittite Microwave Corp.,
Chelmsford, MA (978) 250-3343.

International Manufacturing Services Inc. 615

IMS will be featuring the new AV-0805 temperature variable thin film chip attenuator -- the newest addition to its broad line of chip resistors and chip attenuators. Visit the IMS booth for free samples and detailed specifications.

International Manufacturing Services Inc., Portsmouth, RI (401) 683-9700.

Lorch Microwave 936

Lorch Microwave, an ISO 9001 certified company, designs and manufactures custom, high performance filters, diplexers and subassemblies from 500 kHz to 40 GHz. Typical applications cover ISM, MMDS, LMDS and commercial wireless communications frequencies. Filter types include ceramic, waveguide, cavity and discrete element topologies in fixed and tunable designs.

Lorch Microwave,
Salisbury, MD (410) 860-5100.

LPKF Laser & Electronics 118

The new high speed LPKF ProtoMat® C100/HF system includes improved features for generating complex RF/microwave PCB prototypes. Now create structures down to 100-micron track width. Its variable speed 3-phase motor adjustable pneumatic stroke movement and micrometer screw are just a few of the new additions. Learn more at www.lpkfcadcam.com

LPKF Laser & Electronics,
Wilsonville, OR (503) 454-4200.

M/A-COM Inc. 717

M/A-COM announces a complete suite of low cost, RF integrated circuits for leading-edge handsets. These gallium arsenide IC's provide high linearity and low current solutions for switching, low noise amplification, buffering, frequency conversion and power amplification for CDMA, W-CDMA, TDMA, GSM and DCS GPRS handsets. M/A-COM offers many of these IC's in low cost, ultra-miniature FQFP-N packages.

M/A-COM Inc., Lowell, MA (978) 442-5000.

Marconi Caswell Ltd. 237

Among the many Broadband Radio Access MMICs being exhibited by Marconi Caswell Ltd. will be the P35-5140-000-200. The P35-5140-000-200 is a millimeter-wave driver amplifier covering the 20 to 40 GHz band. The part offers 20 dB gain and a saturated output power of 21 dBm. It is available now, ex-stock, in die form.

Marconi Caswell Ltd.,
Toucester UK +44 1327 356428.

Maury Microwave Corp. 1245

The new Maury PAF Solid State Active Load Pull System, providing the highest gamma available for power device characterization along with the standard Automated Tuner System, will be displayed. Coaxial and waveguide calibration kits for all popular VANAs, coaxial and waveguide adapters, including the patented 3.5 mm push-on and 2.4 mm components will also be displayed.

Maury Microwave Corp.,
Ontario, CA (909) 987-4715.

Micro Networks 446

Micro Networks Corp. offers high performance Surface Acoustic Wave Filters designed for W-CDMA and cdma 2000 cellular infrastructure applications. Standard and extended bandwidth versions are available with center frequencies ranging from 70 to 400 MHz. Please contact us for further information or to discuss your unique SAW filter requirements. www.micronetworks.com

Micro Networks,
Worcester, MA (508) 852-5400.

Mini-Systems Inc. 1424

Mini-Systems Inc. Thin Film Division is releasing a new RSMT-23. This is replacing our PSOT series with a SOT-23 footprint in conformance to industry dimensional standards. The products are all US made, which gives us total control of the products, delivery times and electronic parameters.

Mini-Systems Inc.,
N. Attleboro, MA (508) 695-0203.

Modco Inc. 1049

Modco provides the lowest commercial phase noise VCO available. A 3.3 GHz VCO in this series typically provides ­100 dBc/Hz/10 kHz and ­120 dBc/Hz/100 kHz. In addition we offer the smallest VCO. The VS Series measure 0.175" x 0.175" x 0.62".

Modco Inc., Sparks, NV (775) 331-2442.

Modular Components National Inc. 541

MCN/MMPC produces soft substrate (Teflon® ) circuit boards. Metal backed, multilayers with blind and buried vias, TMM products and mixed dielectric multilayers. Laser routing is our specialty.

Modular Components National Inc.,
Forest Hill, MD (410) 638-7356.

Molex RF/Microwave Connector Division 1721

Molex RF/Microwave Connector Division designs and manufactures custom and standard RF microwave connectors for instrumentation, mil/aero and telecommunications applications. This includes all series and styles of MMCX, MCX, SMA, SMB, TNC, N. We provide our customers quick-reaction sample and prototype services as well as an extensive offering of special custom/derivative connectors.

Molex RF/Microwave Connector Division, Mooresville, IN (317) 834-5600.

Motorola SPS 415

Motorola will feaure its latest product offerings for a wide range of wireless applications, including cellular phones, wireless infrastructure, broadband wireless access, broadband WLL, Bluetooth, wireless networking, data radios and ISM band. If you're looking for solutions in RF, IF, RF power, DSP, GaAs or RF discretes, look no further than Motorola's Booth # 415.

Motorola SPS, Tempe, AZ (480) 413-6528.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp. 147

The world's first family of high performance, low insertion loss CMOS RF switches with exceptional > 36 dB isolation at 1 GHz are now available. CMOS/TTL compatible single pin control lets your wireless system perform with a maximum signal clarity using our patented UTSi® sapphire CMOS technology. We have your affordable, high end solutions.

Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.,
San Diego, CA (858) 455-0660.

Photofabrication Engineering Inc. 445

Custom-designed RF shielding with easy access removable cover. PEI's photo chemically etched RF shielding cans offer a patented, easy access removable cover, allowing users to quickly and easily replace or repair internal components without damaging the surrounding shield. An etched surface is broken to minimize RF leakage. The tab connecting the lid to the RF shield can be snipped and resoldered in seconds, minimizing downtime.

Photofabrication Engineering Inc.,
Milford, MA (508) 478-2025.

Quest Microwave Inc. 140

Quest Microwave Inc. manufactures ferrite products (isolators and circulators) for cellular/PNC/PCS communications, point-to-point radios, LMDS and SATCOM/VSAT transceivers and converters.

Quest Microwave Inc.,
Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4949.

Raltron Electronics Corp. 242

Raltron is a globally integrated manufacturer of an extensive line of frequency management products. In addition to broad offerings of quartz crystals, oscillators and clock oscillators is the new STRATUM 3 SYNC MODULE jitter fitter featuring an onboard OCXO and a digital phase-locked loop. Other new products include their VS9000 voltage controlled SMT oscillator in a 5 * 7 * 2 mm package and their OX2000 Series that outperforms common OCXO's but at a lower price. Raltron also offers a full line of OCXOs, TCXOs and VCXOs, as well as crystal filters and ceramic and SAW resonators. See their full product offerings at Booth #242.

Raltron Electronics Corp.,
Miami, FL (305) 593-6033.

Remtec Inc. 1825

Remtec manufactures a wide variety of metalized ceramic substrates, chip carriers and packages combining thick films (with fine lines & spacing), multilayers and thick film resistors with plated copper metalization. Solid plugged, thermal vias (hermetic if needed) and multiple finishes provide for significantly improved thermal dissipation and circuit density.

Remtec Inc., Norwood, MA (781) 762-9191.

Richardson Electronics 1025

Richardson Electronics will feature new products from all their major vendors, including Motorola and Ericsson.

Richardson Electronics,
LaFox, IL (630) 208-2200.

Rogers Corp. 935

Rogers Microwave Materials Division introduces RO4232® high frequency circuit material, developed specifically for use in antenna applications. This new, cost-effective laminate offers superior electrical and mechanical performance. RO4232, along with other materials, will be highlighted. Circuits built on Rogers materials can be found in sophisticated wireless telecommunications equipment worldwide.

Rogers Corp.,
Rogers, CT (860) 774-9605.

Sawtek Inc. 1129

Sawtek has expanded its commercial VCSO line with products now available up to 2.5 GHz generated fundamentally. Perfect for digital and software radios, these new oscillators are also well suited for LMDS and Broadband Access applications. These products have low phase noise and excellent noise floor performance and exhibit very low g-sensitivity. Find out more at www.sawtek.com 

Sawtek Inc.,
Orlando, FL (407) 886-8860.

SRC Cables Inc. 1648

DSX-3/4 coax assemblies for high speed data rates from SRC Cables. Applications include optical broadband communications, digital switching, DSL and central offices. Cable types are 735/734 coax with BNC/SMB connectors with multiple coax under a single jacket. 735 types also available with tracer wires.

SRC Cables Inc.,
Santa Rosa, CA (707) 573-1900.

Stetco Inc. 1149

Stetco will be displaying our full line of surface mount wirewound inductors, transformers and resonant filters.

Stetco Inc.,
Franklin Park, IL (847) 671-4208.

SV Microwave 346

SV Microwave Inc. releases its BMA series of Blind Mate connectors that are qualified to Mil-PRF-31031 with the interface in accordance with MIL-STD-348. SV Microwave Inc.'s family of Blind Mate connectors offers the advantage of push-on mating while providing superior microwave performance. The connectors provide for miniaturization through modular design by eliminating cumbersome cable assemblies and are interchangeable with M/A-COM's OPS™ connector. For more information, contact SV Microwave Inc. at (561) 840-1800 or visit our Web site at www.svmicrowave.com

SV Microwave, West Palm Beach. FL (561) 840-1800.

Synergy Microwave Corp. 625

Components for wireless applications, including fractional-N synthesizers, voltage-controlled oscillators, phase-locked oscillators, Synstrip products, cavity filters, frequency synthesizers, mixers, demodulators and modulators, power dividers, phase comparators, phase detectors, phase shifters, hybrids, couplers, frequency doublers, fixed attenuators, transformers, DC block and monolithic amplifiers.

Synergy Microwave Corp., Paterson, NJ (973) 881-8800.

Tensolite 1623

Advanced manufacturer of leading-edge RF/microwave coaxial cable, 50 and 75 Ω connectors, precision coaxial/multi-conductor harnesses and assemblies for high speed data, wireless communications, automated test equipment, RF/microwave transmission and dozen of other industries. Tensolite connectors, assemblies and cables are making the future possible.

Tensolite, St. Augustine, FL (877) 890-7483.

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. 3

Toshiba's TG2210FT Cell Pack is a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch ideal for the 2.4 GHz (Bluetooth) band. Housed in Toshiba's think TU6 (6-pin) package, this device features high isolation and very low insertion loss, making it optimal for wireless applications using this band. This will be showcased in Toshiba's booth at the Wireless Symposium.

Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc.,
Irvine, CA (949) 455-2000.

TRAK Communications Inc. 1209

TRAK Microwave Corp., a TRAK Communications company, introduces a cavity filter family for SONET/SDH applications, wireless broadband and data recovery circuits. With typical specifications of insertion loss less than 4.5 dB, narrow 0.15 percent 3 dB bandwidth, and group delay 30 nS maximum, the 50-206-4000 supports any center frequency within the 9900 to 11900 MHz band.

TRAK Communications Inc., Tampa, FL (813) 283-8444.

Trilithic 2000

A new family of RF Rotary Step Attenuators offers advanced engineering design and switch life. Single, dual and bench mount models are now available to meet needed specifications and offer a choice of SMA, N or BNC connectors. Custom design and configuration are available upon request.

Trilithic, Indianapolis IN (317) 895-3600.

Tru-Connector Corp. 1545

A new 7/16 RF coaxial panel jack features a connector body that is 1.25" from the flange with a large center conductor access hole to simplify soldering. Available for 0.141" and 0.250" semi-rigid cable, it has a direct solder inner and outer center conductor with a solid outer ring and provides ­155 dBc typical intermodulation. This TRU Model is rated up to 2,700 VRMS with a 50 Ω impedance.

Tru-Connector Corp.,
Peabody, MA (978) 532-0775.

United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS) 1025

The CHA2194 from United Monolithic Semiconductors is a wideband monolithic Low Noise Amplifier designed to cover the 38 GHz point-to-point and 40 to 44 GHz point-to-multipoint applications into the broadband wireless market. Characteristics include very broadband performance of 36 to 44 GHz, low noise figure of 3 dB at 36 to 41 GHz, excellent gain flatness of ±0.5 dB, high third-order intercept point of 20 dBm and compact size.

United Monolithic Semiconductors (UMS),
Orsay, France 01 69 33 02 29.

Vectron International 614

The FX-104 Frequency Translator with output frequencies up to 666.5143 MHz translates up to any of four different input frequencies to one output frequency. Ultra low jitter: FX104 at 622.08 MHz. Typically < 0.5 ps rms (12 kHz to 20 MHz). Complementary PECL: +5.0 or +3.3 V DC. Enable/Disable. Low Profile 16 PIN FR4 SMD Package.

Vectron International,
Norwalk, CT 88-VECTRON-1.