Skyworks introduced two GNSS LNA front-end modules — the SKY65933-11 and SKY65943-11 — designed for IoT applications such as smartwatches, action cameras, drones, asset trackers and personal navigation devices.

These turnkey GNSS connectivity solutions feature Skyworks’ proprietary TC-SAW filters and integrate a pre- and post-filter, LNA and matching to reduce PCB area compared to a discrete implementation. With a single DC supply for design flexibility and simplicity, the FEMs can easily be integrated by wireless module and IoT device manufacturers.

Both modules are packaged in a surface-mount, 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm multi-chip module (MCM). The extremely low leakage current (1 µA maximum) is a key benefit for battery powered IoT devices.

The SKY65933-11 and SKY65943-11 are multi-GNSS compatible, working with GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, COMPASS (BeiDou) and QZSS receivers in the 1559 to 1606 MHz frequency range.