A Flyaway Tri-band SATCOM SSPA

Advantech, Advanced Microwave Technologies Inc.
Dorval, Quebec, Canada

The first tri-band solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) for use in earth terminals with X-band military satellites and C- and Ku-band commercial satellites has been developed. The amplifier is designed to operate in any of the C, X and Ku satellite communications bands. The system contains C-, X- and Ku-band amplifier subassemblies of various power ranges, providing quick-reaction communications via satellite. Only one amplifier band is activated at a time. The new product line takes advantage of the company's industry-proven reliable SSPAs. Built-in design features and assembly methods, incorporated with effective combining techniques, result in an amplifier with exceptional linearity and operating efficiency. The use of a high efficiency power supply and conservative thermal designs contributes to the trouble-free operation of the amplifier. Tri-band SSPAs are used for operation via the International Telecommunication Satellite Consortium (INTELSAT), European Telecommunications Satellite (EUTELSAT), Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) satellites in an operational military environment. The units are mounted on a mobile antenna system for operation under severe outdoor conditions. The tri-band SSPAs meet the appropriate telecommunication agency specifications in addition to regulations of INTELSAT, EUTELSAT, DFS and NATO, and can be mounted on a trailer and transported via land, sea and air.

Some of the highlights of the tri-band SSPA product line are microprocessor-based monitor and control, a serial port interface (RS232) for remote monitoring and control, remote gain control adjustment and redundancy operation without external controllers (optional). Each SSPA features ridged waveguide output connectors, temperature gain compensation, automatic over-temperature shutdown, infinite SWR protection and CE marking.


The tri-band SSPA continually monitors internal temperature and current consumption and includes an automatic shutdown feature to prevent operation at excessive temperatures. An alarm is triggered when the internal temperature of the amplifier exceeds 70°C. In this condition, the amplifier will continue to operate. When the baseplate temperature exceeds 80°C or current consumption exceeds a threshold value, a fault will be triggered and the amplifier will shut down. The amplifier will automatically restart when its internal temperature cools to 65°C.


The unit provides functions both for local and remote monitoring and control. The local control includes RF band selection and on and off RF power. The remote monitor and control via serial port provide additional monitoring functions such as baseplate temperature and current consumption. Other monitor and control parameters include output power and reflected power measurements. Table 1 lists the general specifications of the tri-band SSPA. Additional information may be obtained from the company's Web site at www.advantech.ca

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Dorval, Quebec, Canada
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