MaxLinear's MxL11xx CMOS transceiver has been designed in Aviat Networks' new line of WTM 4000 microwave radios, according to a MaxLinear press release.

The MxL11xx incorporates full receive, transmit, feedback path and all synthesizer components on a single chip and supports all licensed and unlicensed bands from 5 to 45 GHz, all ETSI channel spacings from 5 to 224 MHz and code rates to 4096-QAM.

Features of the MxL11xx include

  • closed-loop digital predistortion that linearizes various off-chip power amplifiers
  • channel aggregation, which handles a second channel with any channel spacing from a single IC.

The channel aggregation can double the capacity of a single backhaul link, which will support the requirements of 5G transport.

The comprehensive frequency coverage of the MxL11xx reduces the number of radio configurations that Aviat must develop and support, and the single-chip integration minimizes Aviat's bill of material.

The MxL11xx is available in volume production quantities.

According to Aviat Networks, the WTM 4000 is the industry’s highest capacity microwave radio platform, delivering the highest capacity from a single transceiver radio. The WTM 4000 delivers two independent channels in a single frequency band, doubling the capacity of a single-header radio, with the two RF channels carried over a single MxL11xx transceiver.

Ola Gustafsson, Aviat's chief product officer, said, "For Aviat, the comprehensive transceiver functionality of the MxL11xx, together with our software and systems expertise, enables us to provide our customers with a highly-differentiated microwave solution. A2C operation with a single transceiver offers an attractive combination of maximal bandwidth throughput, low latency and smaller form factor."

Aviat Networks provides microwave networking products and services to mobile service providers, government agencies, energy and transportation companies and enterprises around the globe.