Subminiature TCXO
The model 312BE TCXO is designed for portable, telecommunications, data and test equipment applications. The unit operates from 12.6 to 19.8 GHz and features a frequency tolerance at 25°C of ±0.5 ppm and frequency stability of ±2.5 ppm over the operating temperature range of Ð20° to +75°C. Storage temperature range is from Ð40° to +80°C. The TCXO requires a supply voltage of 3 ±0.15 V. Its output waveform is a clipped sinewave with a minimum peak-to-peak level of 0.8 V and input current of 2 mA (max). Prices: start at $8 each (1000). Delivery: eight to 10 weeks (ARO).
Fox Electronics, Fort Myers, FL (888) 438-2369.

Low Cost Miniature YIG
This miniature yttrium iron garnet (YIG) is designed for applications requiring a low cost oscillator with low phase noise and broad tuning range. The 1" square YIG-tuned oscillator is available in 2 GHz bandwidths from 2 to 14 GHz and features the low tuning power consumption of permanent magnet construction. Power output is 16 dBm (typ) over lower bands with +13 dBm output above 8 GHz. The miniature YIG has been designed specifically for good phase noise and low manufacturing costs.
Stellex Electronics Inc., Palo Alto, CA (800) 321-8075.

The model CFPV-2365 high frequency voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) is designed using bulk acoustic wave (BAW) crystal technology and delivers a good combination of frequency stability and voltage control (frequency pulling) to conventional surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices. A range of 622 MHz BAW VCXOs based on fundamental crystals produced from inverted mesa blanks combines frequency stability of ±20 ppm from 0° to +70°C, or ±30 ppm from Ð25° to +85°C, with frequency pullability of between ±80 and ±120 ppm. The oscillator circuit operates at 155.52 MHz, but its fourth harmonic is selected and amplified to provide the 622.08 MHz output frequency. This frequency generation method provides good jitter performance to multiplying up the signal from a low frequency oscillator: less than 2 picoseconds between 12 kHz and 150 MHz from the output frequency. The unit can also operate from a 3.3 V power supply, making it easy to interface to emitter-coupled logic families. The VCXO is supplied in an industry-standard, hermetically sealed metal package measuring 20.7 ´ 20.7 ´ 9.9 mm. Price: $48 each (1000), depending on specification.
C-MAC Frequency Products (CFP), Durham, NC (919) 941-0430.

100 MHz VCXO
The model 220100 100 MHz VCXO, introduced as part of the company’s fast-turnaround program, operates on +12 to +15 V DC with very low phase noise. The unit has a low profile for PC board mounting. Full specifications and program details are available from the company. Delivery: two weeks.
Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc., New Cumberland, PA (717) 774-2746.

925 - 1650 MHz VCO
The model V585ME20 VCO has been engineered for the cable modem market and offers linear, broadband tuning and single-sideband phase noise performance. The unit generates frequencies from 925 to 1650 MHz within 3 to 21 V DC of control voltage and covers the frequency range with an average tuning sensitivity of 57 MHz/V. The VCO also exhibits good spectral purity of Ð102 dBc/Hz (typ) at 10 kHz from the carrier while drawing 16 mA of current from an 11.5 V DC supply. The unit offers 7 ±2.5 dB of output power into a 50 W load and is designed for tough outdoor applications over the extended commercial temperature range of Ð40° to +85°C. In addition, the device can optimize any cable modem phase-locked loop with its 1.1:1 linearity over frequency and temperature. The VCO also pulls less than 20 MHz with a 14 dB return loss, any phase, and a pushing specification less than 2 MHz/V within a five percent change in the supply voltage. The unit is supplied in an industry-standard low profile miniature SMT package measuring 0.50" ´ 0.50" ´ 0.22". The device is suitable for automated surface-mount assembly and reflow and is available in tape-and-reel packaging for production requirements. Price: $15.95 each (5). Delivery: stock to six weeks.
Z-Communications Inc., San Diego, CA (858) 621-2700.